i said i’d be finished at 5:15pm.
that number popped into my head at the early part of the morning.
it was my last day at the art gallery and i had 900 more emails to move.
i was gonna get it done.
as i worked,
i sparked up conversation with my temporary supervisor…

she is moving to texas.
what part?
i don’t know.
friday is her last day.
i was hired to finish up some of her work.
she didn’t want to do the emails.
this is why temps exist.
she has been at that art gallery for 6 years,
but she wants more than what new yawk can offer her..

“i want my own home.
i won’t be able to afford it here…”


i want to not have to haul a thousand pounds of laundry in a cart.

double facts.

she was really nice.
i loved she let me do my own thing and not hover over me.
nothing worse than a micromanaging hyena.
they may working so difficult.

muthafucka i got this!
leave me the fuck alone!

sidebar: i am really into the latest katy perry album.
it’s actually really good.
the lyrics>>>
lady gaga’s “joanne” album wasn’t that good tho.
i probably only liked two songs from it and those were her singles.
i played those two on repeat from that disaster.

during the day,
i felt myself falling asleep.
you ever been at work and sleep decided to jump you?
you start yawning like 50-11 times…

…and your eye lids feel like cement.
last night was another sleepless night that i knew i’d pay for.
i fought hard because i wanted to finish this project on my last day.
i ended up completing it at 5:16pm.

something popped into my mind to buy two dress shirts after work.
i cannot afford them,
but i have to be prepared.
i barely have any work clothes,
but i feel something big is on the horizon.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “5:15pm”

  1. I feel something big on the horizon for you too. I’m also liking your positive thinking. Question Jamari, do you think you would ever leave New York. Like move to somewhere cheaper like Texas, Georgia?

  2. I really liked this post and the way you wrote it. For some reason it reminded my of nymag sex diaries lmao idk why…But it seems very new york (weird, I know)

    Also gaga album shitted on Katy album bro..Couldnt even listen to Katy album…

    1. ^i wrote it as the thoughts came to my mind.

      with some music,
      it’s more so the vibe and lyrics that catch me.
      i don’t understand what “joanne” is supposed to be about.
      “perfect illusion” and “one million reasons” were the only two that gave me energy.

      katy gave me an idea the direction of where she was at that moment.
      trying to find herself,
      letting go of the past,
      realizing her mistakes,
      and being completely in the present.
      places im at currently.

  3. if you ever did leave the big apple I could see you going more out west like Cali, while Atlanta may be a black mecca it’s slow with the times unlike new york and LA.

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