i said i’d be finished at 5:15pm.
that number popped into my head at the early part of the morning.
it was my last day at the art gallery and i had 900 more emails to move.
i was gonna get it done.
as i worked,
i sparked up conversation with my temporary supervisor…

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It Was So Sticky All Over My Mouth and Hands

i was in a very sticky situation today.
shouldn’t have done it,
but i don’t listen.
i don’t.
so i had to do the art gallery temp gig today.
i thought i left late,
but i made it right on time.
a fox and his close calls.
all day i was feening for a burger tho.
od in the mood for some meat between two buns.
you can take that how you will.
so at lunch,
i decided to go explore the area for this meat i been wanting…

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Jamari Fox Stars In “The Gotcha Gotcha Temp Job”

you know it’s bad when i hit two of my fav foxholers up with a full rant.
before i go into full complaining,
i think i’ve fallen for two snow wolves today.
my heart beats!
how low have i gone emotionally?
we will get into them later.
so this temp job today…
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Jamari Fox Gets A Temp Job!

tumblr_logdazsBeR1qgxkdco1_500i been taking my positivity pills lately.
i been chilled out and relaxed.
not trying to stress about anything in particular.
well ( x my vixen friend from the temp agency ) called me with some news!
she has a temp job for me at a fashion company starting monday.
it will be scattered days throughout the following 2 months.
its not permanent or a lot,
but it’s something to get me back in the swing of things.
i also booked an interview with another temp agency for tuesday.
thank GOD because i’m ready!
thanks to everyone who kept me in their prayers and sent positive vibes.
the next adventure awaits!