Jamari Fox Stars In “The Gotcha Gotcha Temp Job”

you know it’s bad when i hit two of my fav foxholers up with a full rant.
before i go into full complaining,
i think i’ve fallen for two snow wolves today.
my heart beats!
how low have i gone emotionally?
we will get into them later.
so this temp job today…


i absolutely hated it.
now on the positives.
they was 1 or 2.
everyone was very nice and welcoming.
this is a team unit at this job.
i love that.
they also order food for everyone.
so you point at the menu and that’s what you’re having for lunch.

lets get on what i didn’t like.

the head huntress straight up lied to me.
she told me the job was a simple receptionist position.
the fuck it wasn’t!
this job has me being the receptionist and assistant to everyone.
that means i’m assisting all 25 employees.
not only that,
i have to file this tedious shit.
while i’m filing,
which isn’t even close to the front desk,,
i need to keep an ear out for the phone and guests.
they also want me to leave the office to get random shit.
i am literally a slave to everyone in there.
so that means i’m doing a ton of shit for everyone.


when i got settled,
i was introduced to everyone in the office
this one snow wolf walked up to me and he looked very familiar.
he use to work at my old job!
i also had a mean crush on him as well.
he use to check me out on the low too.
he is:

 very “suburban rich cub”

when he shook my paw,
i reminded him of our “connection”.
his eyes lit up and we talked for like 5 minutes.

“i was looking for you,
but i didn’t see you anymore.
i heard you left.
i left that shit show right after you did.”

i caught him looking at me on a few occasions.
too bad he is married.
this other snow wolf i met is fine as hell.
he isn’t “attentionisto” fine,
but he is “regular” fine.
his wolf swagg is crazy.
he legit has the bluest puppy dog eyes.
i also peeped his pecs from under his shirt.
good enough for me.

i don’t want to be a pineapple and just quit,
but i don’t want to work there for another 3 weeks.
i don’t even want to work there until friday.

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12 thoughts on “Jamari Fox Stars In “The Gotcha Gotcha Temp Job”

  1. Jamari this sound like my job where I’m being slammed with tasks until you remember the benefits of meeting surprising acquaints. Yes, working in the fit and wellness can be very fun!!. Jamari what type of stare are you getting, and I feel you need to do some digging into this mysterious, curious coworker.

    1. ^everytime i walked towards the bank,
      he would be staring at my from over his computer screen.
      i think he secretly likes black foxes.
      they both fine.
      i need them to dig all the way in me!

      1. Aww Jamari, I’m sorry to hear that you don’t like the job, but at least you have some income coming in and while your there you have sexy wolves to look at. By, the way if you don’t mind me asking what is going on with you the retail manager wolf from last week?

  2. I say stick with it until l you find something better. I feel every thing happens for a reason. God may have put you there to connect with someone, and it looks like you did.

  3. I agree with Neil. Headhunters like tenacity and they all speak. So that will lead to something better. Trust me. I know. Plus you can always have temp flings knowing you can roll out later.

  4. Yikes 😖 I’m sorry to hear you got played like that and you’re working your butt off for 25. If you decide to stay look at it as only being 3 weeks temp, don’t go above and beyond (even tho that hard to do if it’s in your hard working nature ). I would definitely keep talking to the the old coworker snow wolf if for nothing more a little convo (and harmless flirting while you’re slaving away) and maybe find out more about the other snow wolf.

    Just don’t let the new crush at first sight feels get to you too much.

  5. Sucks that it isn’t what you hoped it would be. The job functions may seem like a lot now, but you may become good at them. Just collect your check, enjoy the scenery (snow wolves), and do your best.

  6. Washington D.C. Go-Go Music Legend Chuck Brown’s greatest hit was “Bustin Loose.” The song starts, “Keep what you got until you get what you need, y’all. You got to give a lot just to get what you need sometimes y’all.” Jamari you are looking for a permanent jobs in New York City, probably the if not one of the most expensive places to live in the world. Stick to this temp job until something better comes. Aim higher than a receptionist because you have talent. I don’t care how much you think a receptionist job is low pressure I don’t find that is true. They are some of the hardest working folks in the office because they have to know what’s going on with everybody!

  7. And my partner “Van” said, “Be grateful you have a job. You were just whining that you were unemployed and ‘Woe is me.’ Now be grateful you at least have something. God wants us to be appreciative and grateful.”

  8. Also, the majority of permanent creative jobs have shifted to temp. Agencies have been cutting back and want to try you out before fully committing to you.

  9. LMAOOOOOOO…. Not Till Friday?? Shiddd, hur’rup n align your work ethic w/your passion. I swear, I don’t have 30 more years in me. Barely 3!

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