Tamar Sent; Toya Came.

i find the following funny.
this is why i tell everyone relax when dirt is being thrown on you.
don’t engage in the nonsense.
karma will handle it.
the tables do turn and all come to light eventually.
remember when toya carter and tamar braxton were thick as thieves?
remember when that whole atl posse ganged together for k michelle?
they picked toya’s side because of all the alleged lies memphitz said about k.
that same memphitz that ultimately showed his true tail to toya.
well ain’t it funny
so tamar decided to dedicate a post to tiny and t.i. on some randomness.
she mentioned toya within the paragraph.
this is what she put on her ig

tamar comes off really fake to me.
one minute she is cool with you and the next,
she ain’t answering your calls.
God forbid you cool with her and with someone she don’t like also.
i’m surprised she even has friends at this point.
well toya got wind of that and had some words of her own for tamar:

well toya tole her,
didn’t she?
damn. next chess move?

Tamar plays victim,
throws out bible scriptures,
and turns her “supporters” against Toya

i’ve dealt with enough fake people to know how they roll.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Tamar Sent; Toya Came.”

  1. I use to really like Tamar, but for the last couple of years I’m realizing she has major issues. She is always in some drama, then she wants to cry victim when the other person gets the best of her. I have watched every episode of Braxton Family Values and almost every time there is a beef between the sisters she is the reason it started. Again, I use to really like her, and found her funny and liked her music, but now that annoying immature personality of hers has completely turned me off. The girl can’t get along with anyone, so I think it’s time for her look in the mirror.

  2. Tamar had no reason to bring Toya into her apology to Tiny. Smh. Some things shouldn’t have to be said on social media. A simple text or phone call would have worked fine

  3. I really miss the days when Black Celebs just took subtle jabs at each other in Jet magazine. Toya is just as bad and messy as Tamar, why even respond, you are a grown ass woman, you tragically lost your brothers last year and I would think that you would be in a different place to even entertain foolishness from Tamar Braxton of all people, but I wouldn’t expect less of you because you are a typical ghetto bird who always has to get the last word in, and from the looks of it, you are raising your daughter to be the same way. Just tacky. No one cares about any of this, so sick of all these reality stars who really think we care about their ghetto ass drama.

    1. Good thing they’re “reality stars” and not actual black celebs. You will sever see the likes of Nia Long, Regina King, TLC etc. going off like this randomly on social media. These reality people brought a gutter side to TV

    2. Let stop the press for a moment Tajan.
      I need for you to really think about what you just posted.
      if you in your own little world, not bothering anybody, then all of a suddenly somebody out of the blue pull you into some B.S that you got no clue about.
      how would you feel, on top of that. every time you turn around, that same person keep throwing shade your way over nonsense.
      once again I need to ask yourself this question how would deal with that, when you been taken the high road all alone.

      1. Bro, I see exactly what you are saying, but my thing was just dont respond at all or if you do, keep it classy. I am a little older and wiser, and in the past I probably would have responded the same way, but after life takes you through a few things, especially when you lose close love ones like me and Toya both have, I would think you would be in a different place to let BS like this even phase you. It just seems like Toya and her daughter both love drama and to respond to BS on social media. Tamar is a bird who is probably miserable due to career setbacks and never reaching the level that she thinks she should. I have never watch her show or any shows she been on, just have seen her on blogs and a few clips here and there, but she is not worth it. It’s done now and cant be taken back so that’s that.

  4. Social media is not the platform to air out your problems. If it anything, it exposes just how bad your problems are to the public. I do not want people to know my personal business, so I keep it off social media. Apparently, it is hard for everyone else to do.

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