Sheldon Payne Puts In Work While Begging For Money

he is cute,
well what if i told you he was a boxer wolf?
what if i told you he would probably fuck you stupid
…but for a place to stay?

he ugly af now?

well his name is sheldon payne.
he was put on a kinda blast by kimya d hicks.
this is what she put on her facebook for the world to see…



i’m not even going to font about the belt and the chain.
the shoes looked burnt.
we got attentionistos/nistas on ig flexing for less.
this was sheldon before:

…from his old social media.
okay thanks.
i’m moreso confused she was talking to him with the gun?!?!?
what if he tried to rob her at gunpoint?

as soon as he raised up his shirt,
that’s when i would have to wish him a good rest of his afternoon.

the crazy part is sheldon is he is “that type”.
you know the type i’m talking about.
i mean…

Can we font?

he is light skin,
good hair,
and attractive.
he is the perfect “stray wolf” for some gay to rescue.
sheldon would have legit been fuckin’ brains out in exchange for rent.

you know broke/crazy/both dick is the best.
that vehicle would have been sheldon’s during work hours.
sheldon’s whole wardrobe would have been bought too.
am i lying?
i don’t care how cute sheldon is,
he can’t afford to be putting the mileage on my fox tail.
that would have been the end of that.

well kimya exchanged numbers with sheldon.
asking for money with a phone.
i know.
this was their text conversation:

la foxhole.
if you see sheldon driving a random vehicle,
you know what happened next.

visit sheldon: facebook | youtube

video cc: facebook

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

41 thoughts on “Sheldon Payne Puts In Work While Begging For Money

  1. Oh what a very sad commentary even though It was a ki-ki but this young man is selling himself short so sad but then again I said to myself someone will play captain save a trade and give him a modeling contract watch and see lol!!! Oh….we live in a fucked up world.

    1. “modeling contract”? Is that what the pineapples are calling it these days? LOL In the entire world, how many men can support themselves actually modeling? According to pay scale, the average full time male model makes $28,000 per year. And thats a 6’2 white boy with a 28 inch waist.

  2. He’s the type of crazy dig your insides out and have you paying for him a place to stay and food to eat while he lays his ass on your couch w/o at least putting on boxers.

    The type that because he knows he got you will look you dead in your eye and drink 40% of the milk out the milk carton in front of your face digging deep in his draws and carrying on.

    He’s attractive I can definitely give him that but like she said you could easily be doing something else for cash it’s not like he doesn’t have a decent personality. I see her probably trying to fuck w/ him on the low tbh.

    1. “The type that because he knows he got you will look you dead in your eye and drink 40% of the milk out the milk carton in front of your face digging deep in his draws and carrying on.”

      I nearly chocked on my chicken reading this 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. People stay fronting on social media and rather look like they have money than actually having it. However, most of them will offer more than just washing your windows. These dudes will give up that cake to another man as well, but we already know this.

      1. Jamari you are a mess, I was thinking the same thing when I saw that gun, I would of drove off so quick. I’m not understanding the point of her posting him on Facebook live since he was putting game on her and she was falling hard for it, with that silly laugh of hers showing all her teeth. She embarrassed him and herself.

  4. Is there anything wrong with exchanging sex for a place to stay? Both parties are getting what they want if its that and only that. I don’t see a problem in that. Hes cute, but he looks harmless though, even with being a boxer. I think that he has his priorities messed up if he is wearing brand name clothes and broke. She is flaw as fuck for videotaping it. What was the purpose of recording him?

    That gun lowkey turned me on. Don’t judge meh…..

    1. ^ I don’t have a problem for others (it’s not for me) with it Fash like you said as long as both parties involved know what it is from the getgo. From the video the vibe I got from her was she’s trying to mass her attraction to him by showing that she being the good samaritan.

  5. He is probably a hobosexual staying at her house right now because she sounds thirsty AF.😂

  6. After an STD check I may have considered taking him in. I don’t even want to screw tbh not for awhile at least but I would have definitely taken the time and money to build this man up and show him his worth ny showing him how to make money. Yes I’m desperate. Judge me IDC cause he is fine as hell. Yeah I’m nasty so what..

  7. LOL these two were funny. I’m not hating on them, even though he’s stupid. i’m not judging. He was a turn off for me personally, he’s pretty far from my “type” (the type that isn’t homeless and doing nothing about it) but if it works for them, go get yours gurl. (Just don’t have babies please) LOL.THEN i’ll be judging.

  8. She was flirting with him bigtime. I suspect that she had some other work for him to do that paid him better–work of a sexual nature. That is, he probably sexed her down for a few dollars.

    I noticed the gun. She wasn’t concerned about the gun. She was concerned about the thing that was locked and loaded under the gun–his penis.

    And yes, she appeared to be “thirsty” for sex and he likely quenched that thirst for a bit of cash. She won $210 from a scratch off lottery winning and he likely got a portion of that $210.

  9. Nothing about this video is cute at all. It really shows how folks are hung up on looks. When I first saw him, I was like he looks cute but after a few minutes this really Disturbed me and when I saw the gun i felt kinda scared and she constantly saying he’s too cute, he can do anything…sigh I would have got the hell up out of their ….Cute don’t mean holy…😂😂

    Now after I watched it again..I laughed when she said a man don’t work he don’t eat..😂

    1. I agree, couldn’t be me, but I’ma let them do them. I would have been gone well before I got to see the gun, a man that can barely construct a coherent sentence won’t hold my attention. As soon as he opened his mouth it was a wrap lol. He’s cute in the face, but the rest ain’t workin for me. Hope she’s happy!

      1. Man it’s scary. I know this is no direct relation really but it echoes how folks be on dating apps like Jackd (I’m guilty​ of it too) and be thinking they pulling hot trade or whatever they call…He show up start lifting up his shirt and that’s when he shoots you and robs you.

        Honestly, I feel sad. You never know what no one is going through, don’t know if he clear from STI’s (someone did post about it at the top of this thread though). He could be cute af and be a cold blooded killer.

        Sorry, to rant but it was this dude I went to school wit and he was from New Orleans. He was fine af. I kid you not. Dressed nice and erthang. looked like an angel and so nice…Man I found out he was a contract killer. It got spilled when he was killed himself. His “homeboys” dropped his body off at the hospital after he had got shot or something and he died right there. We found out about it at the school.

      2. Jammy, you make a good point. He is handsome and he could very well be a cold-blooded killer. Look at Ted Bundy, who used his looks to attract and then murder many women. This guy may not be a serial killer, but he gives me that vibe that he’s an abusive boyfriend. There was one point in the video he was leaning in the car all smiles and then his face went cold as fuck. THAT moment scared me more than seeing the gun, which could’ve been fake.

        I could also see him misleading some gay kats hitting on him, and then robbing them when they think they gonna get some. He might be homeless, maybe not. He might be doing odd jobs to make some money because he can’t get a legit job, due to a record maybe. He could’ve been playing that windshield wiper role all along just to get close to her. I will say that he knows/knew what he was doing. Cute guy, throwing game, lady falling for it. I’m sure she wasn’t the first and she won’t be the last.

        After seeing that video, he probably had many thirsty guys and girls hitting him up!

      3. Good point guys, that’s why it’s so important to be full aware of the company we keep. The most dangerous people are the people with nothing to lose!

  10. This video really made my day J and very funny might I add. I met a guy just like him with the cute lite skin complexion on Grindr with great texting convo. Meeting him however, he was high, paranoid, dressed in the same fashion as this men. All I could think was this guy was cute. He worked temp, but didn’t state what he does. He stayed with his uncle, and no car. All I could think was, I’ll give him a benefit of a doubt. This guy made promises to meet me and could not keep them some times. This guy was still high in our next meet up and couldn’t stand the outdoor sun on south beach. I had to drop him and forget him, however on my way to beach again, he hit me up and was standing shirtless on the traffic corner as if he was a prostitute. Dude was looking for nothing more than a hookup and I could have allowed it but i passed! I still think about him but I know I would be in so much trouble when it comes to guys like him.

    1. Yes, because dudes like that are opportunists. They know what they have, they know people want it, and they will do whatever they can to get what THEY want out of a situation. They may let a guy touch them, suck on them, watch them jerk off, etc. It could get tricky and/or dangerous if they DON’T get what they want.
      Good-looking as they may be…these kinds of fellas are best left alone.

  11. I thnk she wasn’t worried about the gun coz she was packing a piece herself.

    She stated as much in the text snapshots.

    He’s hella fine tho. Considering he’s wearing designer clothes. I gather his former patron dun’ dropped his ass.

  12. The windows weren’t the only thing of hers he got wet!!!
    She was so giddy. Like, girl bring it down a few notches. You a grown ass woman!

  13. I never understood why ppl relay 100% on there looks to get by I’ll say it I’m cute and all but if just can’t see using my looks to make a living

    Because once it fades your options get low and you become so desperate that you end up wiping windows

    you gotta have a hustle I wish him the best he better hit up dawg pound USA ever since phat daddy left team redbone been lacking lol

  14. NO strays. Back in the day my roommate picked up trade that looks not too different from this dude and brought him home. We kicked it with him for the day. No sex or nuffin’ cause neither of us knew what to do with him, lololol. I have no comment, ’cause I believe I would be struck by lightening before I would attempt to work with someone who’s life is such that they way they treat theirs is less than the value I place on mine.

    Fine or not, miss me with the grifter business. Carry on.

  15. some women are so fucking hard up they will fuck anything that ls not the color of black.
    i bet if he was a very dark skinned man she wouldn’t be all up in his ficking crotch. Another statistic in the making

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