It Was So Sticky All Over My Mouth and Hands

i was in a very sticky situation today.
shouldn’t have done it,
but i don’t listen.
i don’t.
so i had to do the art gallery temp gig today.
i thought i left late,
but i made it right on time.
a fox and his close calls.
all day i was feening for a burger tho.
od in the mood for some meat between two buns.
you can take that how you will.
so at lunch,
i decided to go explore the area for this meat i been wanting…

it was hotter than the devil’s butt cheeks,
so i didn’t want to do too much walking.
i ended up at this spot that serves all kinds of shit.
so i’m looking over the menu and i see the burger,
but then i also see honey glazed wings.
so i had to make a decision.
the meat i been on fiend for or something moist and tender.
i made the decision,
but like a doofus,
i ordered the 6 pc honey glazed wings and a side of fries.
what i didn’t realize is the shit was mad sticky.
i can eat at my desk and of course,
i’m looking like a negro with these damn wings in my hands.
needless to say,
i didn’t eat all of them and just beasted on them when i got in the crib.

on a positive notes,
they love my hard work so i’m going back tomorrow and a day next week!
today was supposed to be the last day,
but i’m really on my job.
i need that check on the high key so i’m glad they are keeping me.
another win for jamari fox!

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “It Was So Sticky All Over My Mouth and Hands

  1. Yay! Do you like it? Do you think that it would be a good fit if you were to become permanent? I’m glad you’re doing temp work!

    I’m feeling for chinese chicken wings and some shrimp fried rice…

    1. ^omg yes,
      but i don’t know if i trust chinese hood spots anymore.
      last time i got sick and that was the end of that.
      ill fuck with one in the city tho.

      the job is really simple!
      im moving emails into an excel document!
      copy/paste and i get to wear whatever i want.
      i like it.
      i don’t know what they do exactly,
      but id be willing to learn if they kept me on!

  2. I love reading entries like this when things work out for you. P.S I also hope you get lucky soon and get some good well done meat between your buns. I’m looking forward to reading that entry and hopefully sooner than later lol.

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