Fuck The Police (Literally)

*the following entry is xxx material.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

^he isn’t in this story,
it is no doubt that some of hunters aka police don’t follow the rules.

i mean look at our news.
some of them can be drug addicts,
humongous racists,
low key abusers,
and “fuck me to get outta jail” with prostitutes.
this is all in my head.
the following is a “caught on tape” situation.
it’s a vixen allegedly saying “fuck the police”

that was kinda hot.

she is riding that pipe to make sure she got out that ticket.
he got the “she fuckin my brains out” face on.
i wouldn’t blame her.
black pussy can do that to ya.
i wonder what the background for this video is?
maybe they together and they was both horny?
black twitter has a way of finding out the true story.
kudos to whoever filmed this fine f-bi work.

lowkey: i been seeing some fine nypd as of late.
i wonder what sheningans they getting into?
i was told from a few folks to NEVER date a hunter.
95% are allegedly a level of crazy you don’t want to deal with.

video cc: twitter

15 thoughts on “Fuck The Police (Literally)

  1. I knew that this was a setup from the gate!! It’s all staged! People believe anything they see without investigating and looking at what is really happening! Especially on Twitter.

  2. It’s as fake as my flying horse.

    1. Cop’s ass and balls are SHAVED. (No straight white police officer is shaving his ass and balls)
    2. Unmarked car with fake strobe lights. (that was the first giveaway)
    3. Camera footage zooms in perfectly and records in landscape mode. We all know niggas record in portrait mode 😆

    It was a cute attempt though. But it seems like those dumb niggas on black twitter believe it’s real.

    1. That’s what I was going to say – a cop with a shaved ballsack and taint – bullshit

  3. This is staged as fuck lmao.

    All those close ups and yet they keep avoid the department name on the car? A real pineapple would’ve blasted them 😂

  4. Sad part is, I believe this isn’t illegal. If they were behind closed doors that is. Cops are allowed to have ‘consensual sex’ on the hour which I thought was just creepy and stupid af. It’s the go to job for any weak-minded person trying to gain power over people to abuse and feel good about themselves.

      1. Shit here in Houston a cop was caught on tape getting head from chick that was doing a ride along.

        Kept his job too smh lol

  5. This looks like a porno many of these studios shoot “amateur like scenes”

    1. ^i can see that.
      folks like amateur porn.
      that “strategic fuckin” scripted porn movies do is for the 🐦 .
      the most i’ll do in straight amateur porn is “blacked.com” 😍😍

      1. Well her name is Kira Noir and she’s featured in the blacked series for Mr M, for the Mandingo plots.

      2. This is a ScrewTheCops series…you know you watch way too much porn if you can tell an actress by their braids and built and no face 😅

  6. Or it could have easily just been a prostitute on the hour. Police officers are known to solicit prostitutes despite the fact that it’s illegal in many places.

    1. ^i could be wrong,
      but don’t prostitutes require condoms?
      they are doing a whole raw sex in that encounter.
      if that’s a street walker,
      then he nasty af.

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