Rihanna Checks Out of Bates Motel

excuse the awful tv screen shot,
but i just got finished watching “bates motel” with rihanna doing her big scene…

rihanna did that.
i won’t give it away,
but she did a good job in this adaption of “marion crane” from the movie,

the makers of bates did their own spin,
but it worked completely.
they even had a few easter eggs within the episode.
i will say she needs to work ( work, work, work, work)….

i know,
but i couldn’t resist.
a little more on her acting,
but she comes off like a real natural.
i loved the interactions between norman and her.
even tho he was jackin off to her in the shower.
she did good and i hope to see more of her on screen!

lowkey: that whole episode had me on the edge of my seat.

Author: jamari fox

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