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when grandy glaze was a mystery.
this is before he realized he had big cheeks.
his life was so much better.
he was playing ball and taking the right amount of thirst trap pictures.
he was like amber rose to me.
they were so much better before they started talking.
the fame that came with onlyfans sort of ruined him tbh.
thirsty gay males hyping him up for more than he could give.
as you know,
he toed the line between “gay ass shit” and “i’m gay for pay”.
a foxholer sent me a tip that he had finally messed with another male.

…it seems like it’s for some kind of show.
according to one of the comments under the video:

one of my f-bi sent me this as well:


x click here of link doesn’t work

Are people still falling for these kinds of schemes?

are these two together?
why did i ask a stupid question?

jozea is fine…

aside from all of that,
this seems like stunts and schemes to lure gay males out of their wallets.
you get the video and realize how wack it is after you paid for it.
most of the foxhole is smart enough to see through the smoke screens.
stay woke.

lowkey: i wonder how this collab with zed went down bts…

i bet a sex scene with these two would be hot.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Jozea is a bit of an idiot honestly. I’m a Big Brother fan and his claim to fame was that and him being a bit revealing on his IG, which by all means do you. But them getting together only enforces how much I know someone will be duped if they subscribe simply based on that fact.

    To me, it seems Grandy has been losing some shine. In order to get people talking again, he creates another antic. That’s on brand for most attentionistos and social media “influencers”. Hearing that he finally messed around with a new guy is click bait if I ever saw it. To that I say, don’t fall for it. Save your money. I’m sure what’s behind that curtain is not worth the dollars you earned at your 9 to 5.

      1. Too late all these antics have an expiration date. Today’s fava is tomorrow maybe. New men joining social media everyday hotter better younger sexier. Never saw the it factor

    1. I agree with this comment 1000% Its so weird how social media has changed our society. All of these guys utilize the Kim K new antic strategy but they have no end goals, there is no Kris Jenner or someone with a strong business acumen to direct them.
      Grandy, Flashmanwade, Lamonte Stennis they are ALL the same. Fighting for another minute, not even 5 minutes but a minute in their already expired 10 min of social media fame.
      But this lil stunt is stirring conversation. I just don’t know where does he go from here. After letting a nigga nut on you…your pretty much gay for pay. He tried to stop ONLYFANS but that basketball career is done and there is no crossing over into mainstream media after that. If he’s lucky he could start doing gay club/pride appearances and push into reality tv market.

  2. I’ll wait for the dumb ass to buy it and upload for us all to see. I’m sure it’ll be as wack as that bad acting in the clip but Grandy & Jose is fine so my dick will enjoy lmao

  3. Why do you assume his life was “so much better” as a basket ball player? Maybe that’s not what he really wanted to do. It’s not like he was in the NBA. He seems like he’s having fun, being experimental and making great money doing it. I don’t agree with the gay baiting. But to say “thirsty” gay males hyping him up ruined him, when you literally got notoriety from this blog by thirsting and blogging about attractive men and what you’d let them do to you is slightly hypocritical to me. A lot of those thirsty gays come right on this blog in the comments to be fake high & mighty, knowing good and well they’d give their earlobe for one night with these dudes. Love ur blog Jamari but you’re coming off very condescending & hypocritical on this one. Let people live.

    1. ^didnt he say he was gonna retire from onlyfans to go back to playing ball?

      if i’m wrong,
      someone please correct me because that is what i remember him saying before he went back to onlyfans.

    2. You preaching cause all Jamari do is lust after straight males. 99.9 % of all the guys he post are straight males. So what’s the issue. You are the gay male that you are talking about bro. Make it make sense.

        1. Porn
          Is a dark profession to enter into and hard to extricate from. Porn addiction is also a bad bitch on wheels to try and shake.
          I am still trying to loose from it after 30 years watching it on and off. I have been free from crack cocaine for 19 years, but still watching porn. Same scenes, different day, it is a mess and not fun. Why I do it? If you tell me which comes first – the chicken or egg- then I can give you a answer.
          I hope Grandy Glaze will find peace and decides to not surrender his body and soul for cheap thrills and likes on Twitter.
          Money is not peace. Bad money seeps through the hands like sands thru the hourglass.

  4. That guy in the bathtub w/Josea is Jeramie who is fine af & has a huge dick but is a real asshole. He cursed me out for nothing back when he was on Instagram. His account is now deleted but he’s on Twitter here w/some nudes & sex vids: I found him via Josea’s Twitter. I have no respect for Jeramie at all.

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