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 i sympathize heavily with those who take their own lives.
life is extremely hard and not fair for many.
people can think taking your own life is selfish

…But people and circumstances can make you feel like you are not worth it.

i know what it’s like to feel like you don’t matter.
that you tried your best and you didn’t feel accepted.
you try to find this love to complete you,
but you get used and tossed aside like trash.
you watch those same people move forward while you are left to heal.
i hate we are broken but they get the luxury move into new relationships.
how fun is that?!

i’ll be 100 with you foxhole:

I would have been outta here a long time ago.

sometimes i feel like i wish that i did do it tbh.
the following really triggered me tbh.
it was from arlana miller from baton rouge, la.
she took her own life the other day but reading her final message

i’m not fonting i want to take my own life,
but i am fonting that i see where she is coming from.
some people just can’t take it anymore.
as much as we promote:

“Make sure you check in on people”

… i think thats a crock of bullshit because most people are fake.
may arlana miller rip.
i hope she found her peace in a place that this world couldn’t provide.

lowkey: i’m just mentally at a wall right now.
i needed to vent.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. As someone who has had bipolar depression for 6 years. It’s been hard. I, like you , relate to her so much. It’s a certain level of pain you have to fight everyday. I feel like like I get out of bed swinging at demons to leave me alone. Sometimes, you are just so drained and just want to curl in a ball. This one hit so close to home. Sooo many times I have hit that wall and wondered if walking in traffic would just make the pain go away.
    Folks don’t really give a damn until you go away. Sending love and peace and a huge hug to everyone. You’re needed. You’re important. And if no one else has told you , I love you. I don’t know if the moment or when the moment will pass, but so whatever you need to get peace. A therapist , a hotline , vacation , unplugging. Take care of you folks. Hurting for this young lady but praying she’s at peace.

  2. Heartbreaking!!!!!!!!!

    The only take away is that SOME OF US DO NEED OUTSIDE FORCEFULL HELP!

    This poor young woman had no other alternative. I am Hypersensitive to a fault. Some call me “Too Sensitive” I don’t give a fuck. I will ask and tell a Friend or loved one. “Are You Okay ?”. Then I will tell them what I am sensing ,why I think something is wrong and if needed .” STOP AND GO SEE A THERAPIST , You Need to be on Meds!”

    There were signs and the people around her were afraid or too selfish to intervene!!!

    1. STOP AND GO SEE A THERAPIST , You Need to be on Meds!”

      There were signs and the people around her were afraid or too selfish to intervene!!!

      What more do you want??? There are some people are EQUIPPED TO CATER TO YOUR MENTAL HEALTH NEEDS. SEEK THERAPY, SPEAK TO A PROFESSIONAL. Y’all can be so fucking selfish.

  3. This girl & her family lived 30 minutes from my home town & everyone is shocked & devastated by her death. It pisses me off because this girl could have been possibly still here if they had got her some help or therapy years ago. Just because the daddy a preacher/pastor don’t mean shit. Everything can’t be blamed on the devil! We need therapy too!

  4. Traumatic events or confusion in life can make people do life threatening things. I just watched an 1992 HBO undercover “Suicide Notes” on Youtube and it profiled a good looking Football jock who had it all but was fighting with his inner struggles with his sexuality, that he jumped off a New York dam and survived becoming a mentor. The series mention suicide notes, changes in a person voice, dark personality, addiction, and substance abuse are indicators someone is on the verge of suicide.

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