2022 is one twist after the next.
i feel like that is the case with the whole “20” series.
social media is buzzing and clubhouse is talking.
the alleged story is that…

Kevin Samuels has passed away(?)

i don’t know how true this is,
but i ain’t ever seen so many people rejoicing over someone’s death.
twitter is a shit show atm.

imagine seeing ^this kind of reaction towards your death?
holy smokes.
keep me informed on what is going down.
as problematic as he is,
or was,
i don’t want to celebrate in his death.
i might not have fucked with him but i’ll keep it classy.
if this isn’t true…

You know he is living for this drama.

i bet he won’t say anything until he uploads a new episode of his show.
it would be the smartest thing to capitalize on.

lowkey: watch him not be dead and have a show like…

“See all these black women celebrating my death?
You see how ungrateful these black bitches are?”

he ain’t slick.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I’m not one to rejoice at the news of someone’s death either, HOWEVER. The fact that so many other people are rejoicing is very telling……..

  2. B Scott says he’s dead and they are pretty accurate when it comes to black celebrity news.

  3. Kevin Samuels went out there and spoke a lot of truth that a lot of Black women could not handle. It’s sad that he’s being called an -ist and all that simply because he chose to speak facts. He was starting conversations so that the community could improve, but people would rather stan and adore liars who profit from our destruction.

      1. ^ The truth that these plus sizes women with 4 kids by 3 different baby daddies don’t realistically have a chance being on the arms of a six figure, athletic built, good credit, well traveled man. That’s one for start lol.

        1. ^thats a very general and harsh assumption.

          so realistically a man with 4 kids with 3 different baby mamas shouldn’t even think to have a size 0,
          contoured beauty queen on his arms either.

          he should be in the pile with the trash too?

          1. Nobody has to be put in a trash pile. But you cannot compare the man with kids to the woman with kids because men and women want different things from each other.

            It’s why while a woman would appreciate a man who enjoys cooking and cleaning for her, it will not move most women to want marry him unless he is also paying her bills. Meanwhile, most men would happily financially support a woman who enjoys doing domestic things for him, and is not looking for any woman to pay his way.

            There are a lot of reasons men do not want to date a woman with children and one of them nobody talks about is unfair child support. Women have routinely got child support from men who are not the fathers of their children simply because they were in a relationship with a man who was generous enough to spend time and money on her children. There are countless cases of women claiming men they never even slept with are their child’s father and men have been forced to pay even when DNA evidence has shown them not to be the father.

            This risk does not exist for women. A woman dating a man with kids is never going to be forced to support his kids financially after they break up. Most men will never expect the woman to pay for his kids anything. And in the majority of cases men cannot even get custody. So the women dating that man do not have to deal with his kids the same way a man dating a woman with kids does.

          2. Well men and women date for different things

            Women want security and sometimes dick

            Men want a bitch that lets them do whatever sexually and forgives them for their mistakes (I won’t say a bad bitch bc that’s just industry men men irl date ogres)

            So men with 7 baby mamas don’t faze women bc as long as people like future have money and trick on them they get what they want . The baby, the clout and the birkin

          3. you have to say what you said is harsh too right? THE FATHER IS THE HEAD , is your language showing balance or are you talking to like a two headed monster. So you don’t want trash on you but you can throw trash on someone…. SILLY RABBIT TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS

          4. Who said they should be in a pile of trash?? Lol. Ambitious, career driven women in general aren’t dealing with a man with a lot of baby mamas either and that’s their right to not want to. Kevin was harsh and I didn’t always agree with him but lets not act like that not how most of y’all talk when y’all are behind close doors. Lol.

      2. He spoke truth on so many things, but the core for me is that he points out the damage being done to all of us because nobody is allowed to tell Black women the truth. Not women we date, not our mothers, sisters, no women at all can you challenge without being attacked, called names, and labeled a woman-hater.

        We aren’t allowed to critique anything they do or say and they outsource all blame for everything wrong to men. We allow one way aggression, from women to men. Our community is an out of balance matriarchy and unless women are included in the people we “hold accountable” all of us are doomed.

        1. He was the blind leading the was he out here telling men and women how to keep a relationship when he was divorced. Nope.

          1. ^ died fuckin a woman that,
            if she was black,
            he would have shamed on his podcast.
            i cant believe this man had stans.
            he was gross.

      1. Well who’s fought is that they’re alone? Isn’t that they’re choice? He didn’t coddle men he roasted them too which is why a lot of black men don’t like him either.

  4. B. Scott is credible but there is no real word if its true or if its the same person. The credible sources that posted his information are not saying its true. Its like an election, you gotta wait until the credible sources outweigh the negative ones.

  5. Well no one should be rejoicing in someone else’s death; however…I’m sure as hell not going to shed a tear over someone who blatantly disrespect (ed) black women.

  6. I just read on NBC NEWS that his mother confirmed his death and said she learned about his death on social media.I guess the woman who with him when he became unresponsive didn’t know how to contact his friends/family nor did his neighbors.So sad

  7. Once NBC News or any major outlet reports it, its real. NBC News confirmed from his mother 2 hours ago

  8. Hey Guys,

    I have never viewed any of his videos so before I commented , I just did. I don’t see what he did or said that was so wrong.

    The women that he was conversating with seemed to willingly reveal “bad judgement” and ask him for his opinion and he gave it to him. In most cases he was giving them “solid advice “.

    No ones death should be celebrated . Social Media today often gives a voice to people who are bitter, mean and negative ( Just my opinion) .

    1. What he did or said that was so wrong is he dared to critique Black women. And in the Black community you are not allowed to tell Black women the truth unless you call them a queen, and pamper their ego, and speak in the softest of tones.

      He dared to be direct and just tell the truth and for that people are calling him all kinds of names and accusing him of saying things he didn’t to distract from the truth he told.

        1. What are you talking about? You don’t watch the shows. You’re going off of misleading edited clips taken out of context and what mad people are saying because they want to deflect from black women taking any accountability.

    2. Good for you for actually informing yourself about the man, and not just regurgitating what people are saying online. Critical thinking is so rare.

  9. Rest In Peace to this man. I wasn’t going to add to the speculation and tearing down of a black man until we had official facts. It’s a shame what crabs in a barrel will do just to be noticed and seen. Smh His mom probably read the ignorance on social media in horror. Nobody deserves to go out like that.

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