Michael Sam; Well DAMN!

tumblr_nl6d6wBalL1u60sxoo1_1280so as you know,
or didn’t,
michael sam is on dwts.
i had a feeling he was going to haul ass.
his big ass that is…

GpZ-lCBPYu4Q1Y150qtnoXC6H_jwIFx-0rgt9NF0008P3e_aV0nd3aQovciviQLdXtZHr-aMAcIRGvc2LV91k73eFCeUmg3HWAJBoSVIO6Yz-v3xFSpQdOM=s0-d-e1-ft T3k9iijjaq4nbvet2IOvRvGRck9bERJp3XXHWNHgjIdVSCV75toXskFd6gR7TGdIXsrkqgXnKu2tX6hy-lOA6Q9ipKO_hwb2jiee5VjNlz3uRbBFKeGHjmnV=s0-d-e1-ft…um duncan hines much?
well isn’t that good as a baller wolf,
but he is a great dancer.
maybe he can find a new career in that?
here is the full routine:


lowkey: i hope the snow fox is eatin’ that on occasion…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Michael Sam; Well DAMN!”

  1. To quote Academy Award winning poets Three 6 Mafia- “Good Googly Moogly. That thang is juicy.” He still aint get his bottom row fixed but booty like that makes you shed a tear. Who in the NFL holla’d? That white boy don’t hardly know what to do with that. I’m rambling.

  2. Peta has always been my favorite of the professional dancers on DWTS, she’s usually placed with athletes and Mr. Sam did a great job, i’m not surprised at his physique most football players are stacked lol…and this is why i LOVE football don’t get me wrong i love basketball players but football players are just…*fans self* bootylicious and thick!!!!

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