Guess Who Iyanla Is About To Call Her “Beloved”?

2so this didn’t take long at all.
well iyanla is about to heal the following lost soul.
take a peek at who it is…

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 11.03.25 PM

tumblr_najyh6dXw51rfduvxo1_500march 28th.
my dvr is already set.
in my calendar.
you just bring the popcorn and stalk chris brown timeline.

lowkey: guess what he said to her under ^that pic she posted:
chrisbrownki would have sent him a LOVELY text message of my thoughts.

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9 thoughts on “Guess Who Iyanla Is About To Call Her “Beloved”?”

  1. He better be nice to her.Tran and his momma will be the only ones who visit him WHEN he gets locked up again.I see his daughter and his baby mama spent time with him on his tour bus when he was here in Houston.He posted a pic of the baby on his IG but then he removed.She is adorable I saw the pic @necolebitchie

  2. Ole GIRL is smart though. She playing the game. If done right she won’t have to go back wherever she came from. Maybe she can snag a ballerwolf. A ballerwolf who sees her worth and treats her right.

    If that doesn’t work then she can still be a high class escort.
    *kanye shrug*

  3. Wow that was fast, The OWN team works fast. I’ll be watching it seems like once you get with Chris you’ll be needing a special on own to move on.

  4. I keep telling you that you are sleeping. You want to sympathize with KK but you should be taking notes. In a couple of years, C Brown will be fucking never-married professional Black women for rent money, competing with Ray J for the privilege. Meanwhile Karrueche will be balling at Kardashian levels. Dont get distracted by the big dick. The real talent is beside him, behind him or beneath him as necessary to get hers.

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