The Haves and Have Not Understanding This

TVLG_HHN_3x4_1536x2048_TTokay i need to be str8 up.
i know honesty is “wrong” when it comes to black entertainment,
but i’m entitled to my opinion right?
okay here goes…


is it me or is there no character development?
its like 4 seasons and its the same bullshit.

candice and her “get rich quick” schemes
hannah and her “holier than thou” attitude
wyatt being…
well wyatt

to be honest,
none of them are even likable.
if that town they live in blew up tomorrow,
i wouldn’t even miss any of them.
so my gripes this latest episode

how long was that first scene with candice talking to the cop?
it was just endless babbling.
do cops even go hard like that?
they want you to move a car,
go move the car.
this cop was od in the business.
i didn’t know if i was nervous or annoyed.

can we kill jeffrey off now?
he was getting on my nerves.
like muthafucka help her get the gatdamn body up!!!
he was acting so bitch made that it turned me off completely.

why didn’t he wash the keys off?
you gonna go outside,
with a cop,
and bloody keys?

why was there a flat screen tv on a garbage can?
these pineapples outside playing dice and watching cable.
i don’t even…
i can’t.

– hannah gotta go.
she gotta go.
she gotta go.
she gottttttttaaaa gooooo.

i loathe her character.
like she been fighting with candice behind her back for 4 seasons now.
and how she gonna want custody,
but living in a hotel?
benny trying to tell that dense hoe the house was paid for.
chick pack your shit and go.

– benny…
every since he blocked me,
i’m not interested in his life anymore.
#impetty #soishe

so wyatt did all of that to be dancing around the house naked?

how random was that cop all over david?
david was having issues about smashing maggie,
but he didn’t keep his dick in his pants for the harlot with a police badge?
he is a moody fucker.

suddenly kathryn is a mob boss?
where was all that gusto with that man who raped her daughter?

how did i know quincy was going to magically come alive?
like how he get stabbed the fuck up,
was laying there pretty much unconscious,
but still managed to grip on her foot like that?

and where was she going with that one plastic bag?
where was she going to put him?
she could barely move him.

who didn’t see the “cop being gay” story line?
do cops even do that?
arrest someone to go molest them?


apparently everyone liked it.
see the problem with me is i like good tv.
i also like well written shows.
tyler perry is ruining (ruined?) this show with the foolishness.
as long as the church fo’ks eat it up,
i guess its not broke yet…

lowkey: i almost want tika to get killed off so she can get on a better show.
she did look beautiful with that wet and wavy tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “The Haves and Have Not Understanding This”

  1. The cop that was interrogating Candace and pulled Jeffry over at the end was gay? I feel like I either dozed off or missed a scene.

      1. It’s crazy Jamari you said everything I said when I watching it I think we’re all on the same page now. . And I just fast forward Hannah scenes now.I feel like they’re all the same at this point. Tell you the truth I wouldn’t care if Hannah and the kid died off so we can get on with our lives. I think I’m only watching now to see Wyatt turn gay and the bawdy. Along with all the other hotties on the show.
        PS Tyler Perry ruined Jeffrey’s character EVEN MORE in that pathetic episode. And he ruined Hannah’s I didn’t hate her this much in the first season

  2. Janari I think you wrote up a great summary of this disaster, but I still gotta watch I think I’m addicted to this mess.

  3. Lmfaoo!! Man, I said the same shit!

    Jefferey was acting like a real hoe, and I wanted to come through the screen and kill his ass of myself.

    I then thought about that damn tv and why the hell was it just outside….. Like really? This show is like a week long soap opera compiled into an hour episode smh. This is what I call a cluster fuck!

  4. I liked it. Althought Jeffery was a bitch Candance should of called Warlock to take care of business. The scenes kept me on my toes hoping Jeffery wouldn’t fuck up. Wyatt scene was very awkward as if we were watch some music video, better if it was in the shower.

  5. Here’s my thing with this show. He drags these story lines out too damn long. One episode of Empire might take course over two days.

    One episode of HAHN is over the course of… 20 minutes. Like, I get he’s trying to build suspense, but you could not tune in until the 4th episode, and not really miss anything.

    I’m also mad af that David hasn’t slipped that snow bunny the pipe, but he apparently banged the DA wannabe? Get out of my face.

    Also, I asked, out loud, “What IS she going to do with that one garbage bag?” and “Is that a TV… on a garbage can?”


    I didn’t see the cop being gay tho.

  6. I’ve stopped watching the show at this point. I only watch Youtube reviews of it that are waaaay more entertaining than the show. From the reviews of it and what you wrote here, you’re right on the mark. I thought i was the only one completely over that fool Hannah.

    The shade in those hashtags about Benny tho lol!

  7. YES!! When Quincy grabbed Candace I was like WTF? How you damn near get stabbed all the way through your back, fall unconscious and then suddenly wake up without any medical assistance?! We need answers!

    And the cop is gay? I thought he just told Jeffery that Candance let him know that he was gay and that was it.

    I’m mad that they’re still dragging those secrets for so long. Veronica needs to get exposed. Catherine needs to find out about Ronica get Wyatt raped and David needs to find out about Ronica hoeing with little Benny. Why hasn’t that hoe Maggie exposed her yet?!

    The problem with Tyler and his shows is that he puts a lot of filler episodes with long scenes of small talk and good cliffhangers but the shows don’t get to the juicy parts until the damn FINALE. And then you gotta wait months for the next season to see what happens. Ugh.

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