Should My DVR Have Or Have Nots?

1-1i was cleaning out my dvr and saw the entire last season to “haves and have nots”.
i stopped watching when benny was driving a car at like 10000 miles and hour,
he had quincy in the passenger seat,
and the car flipped over…
not killing both of them.
i started getting bored with the story line.
hell i didn’t even know they had their season finale.
apparently it was so good,
 3.7 million of ya’ll watched.
well i was going to erase it out my dvr,
but i figured i would give it another chance.
i think.
so i had to ask the foxhole that was tuning in faithfully…

Was this season of “Haves and Have Nots” good?
Or should I just go ahead and erase it?

Are You Ready For Another Season of The Haves and Have Nots?

haveandhavenotsbanner-620x320so its about that time again.
funny enough i was wonder when that time was gonna start.
i got my answer today.
season 3 of tyler perry’s written,
and directed “haves and have nots” on OWN.
here is the teaser trailer of whats going down…
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“I Shoulda Cheated” – The Ballad of Karrueche Tran

rs_300x300-150318140538-600.Karrueche-Tran-Iyanla-Vanzant.MS.031815“there once was a vixen,
a beautiful vixen,
who worked as an assistant stylist many moons ago.
as she did that gig,
she met a handsome,
no sexy,
r&b superstar.
in her luck,
he had just gotten out of a tumultuous relationship with a beautiful pop star.
she didn’t see the red flags in that relationship because:

1 – the r&b superstar was fine as hell
2 – the fame that came with him looked appealing
3 – “i could change him”

well this assistant stylist decided she would be the perfect vixen to him.
she didn’t want to lose him so she let him do whatever he pleased.
and so he did…
he cheated on her and ended up getting thot-bob square pants pregnant.”

thats all i could think while watching karrueche on iyanla tonight….
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The Haves and Getting It Right

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 12.31.08 PMum…
is it me…
or has tyler lepley gotten OD hulk “skrong” looking this season?

anyway last night as i was watched the #sotu address,
i was also flipping back to #HAHN.
nothing on who got shot yet.

last night was a pretty exciting episode.
i said “exciting”…
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They All Want Long Haired Thick Light Girls (and Boys?)

tumblr_ncvmn9CmNd1t65o83o1_500so i ended up watching the last hour of the “light girls” doc on own.
the first half got dvdr’d.
celeb apprentice was on.
anyway i only have this to say about it…
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