“I Shoulda Cheated” – The Ballad of Karrueche Tran

rs_300x300-150318140538-600.Karrueche-Tran-Iyanla-Vanzant.MS.031815“there once was a vixen,
a beautiful vixen,
who worked as an assistant stylist many moons ago.
as she did that gig,
she met a handsome,
no sexy,
r&b superstar.
in her luck,
he had just gotten out of a tumultuous relationship with a beautiful pop star.
she didn’t see the red flags in that relationship because:

1 – the r&b superstar was fine as hell
2 – the fame that came with him looked appealing
3 – “i could change him”

well this assistant stylist decided she would be the perfect vixen to him.
she didn’t want to lose him so she let him do whatever he pleased.
and so he did…
he cheated on her and ended up getting thot-bob square pants pregnant.”

thats all i could think while watching karrueche on iyanla tonight….

she seems like a very sweet girl.
one thing that drew me to her was her eyes.
they were big.
i think thats what chris brown saw in her.
she doesn’t like saying “no” and is afraid of coming off looking like a bitch.
i feel her with that one.
i been that person.
ultimately she was the classic case of “too nice” and got walked over.

can i just say…
the part where she said chris told her he was going out,
only to see him at that basketball game with rihanna
Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 12.24.00 AMand then she said:

“i was okay with it because i thought it was a friends thing…”


ima tell my future (baller) wolf now…
if you tell me you leaving the crib for the night,
and i find out you were acting cute with your ex…
you might come home and get maced.
after i mace you,
ima kick you in the ribs and stab you in your shoulder.
i’m just saying…
with every bit of love.
you might be fine as hell,
but you ain’t too old or muscular to get ya ass kicked for disrespecting me.

ima try my best not to judge her anymore.
i got a genuine spirit who is conflicted.
in love,
or the version we think is love,
it can make us do/believe stupid things.
it makes us put up with someone we know is not good for us.
we hope they change one day and see what a “catch” we are.
for those who haven’t experienced that:

“your future is still wide open for a lesson”

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 12.23.15 AMi felt for her when she broke down and cried.
i feel she will be okay tho.
i do believe chris loves her,
but he don’t even love himself to be ready to love another person.
i honestly don’t think she is ready to let go of chris either.
i could be wrong,
but that was the impression i got.
either way,
i’ll keep my eyes on her journey.
she should start a blog and document where she is going now.
there is her own fame,
and a better baller wolf on the way,
if she has the right energy in her life.
she just needs to open up her eyes and see it.
wish her well.

lowkey: chris brown is just sex.
thats it.
that wolf ain’t ready for nothing serious.
get the pipe and don’t get caught up.
as far as christina milian is concerned…
something about her spirit rubs me the wrong way.
i’d watch her if i was karrueche.
didn’t she know that walking refrigerator chris skeet up in?




Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on ““I Shoulda Cheated” – The Ballad of Karrueche Tran”

  1. I thought this interview was going to be bad for her but it wasn’t at all. She seems like a really sweet innocent down to earth girl I feel for her. I’m not going to lie I use to judge her but not anymore I actually get her she just in love and weak for Chris. He’s a asshole for doing her like that but, we can always say she should of left but we weren’t in her shoes. She probably should go to counseling and lay off social media for awhile. And yea Jamari Christina seems up to no good Ktran needs to get rid of her too.

  2. I never got “opportunist” from her like everyone was claiming. I mean she might get the typical benefits anyone who’s dating someone rich gets, but she doesn’t come off materialistic.

    If anything she didn’t use that relationship to her full advantage. I would’ve had Chris funding TONS of business ventures for me.

    Christina Milian is thirsty as hell. When you hear rumors of artists fucking for tracks you think they’re just rumors but I’d believe it with her. She really hasn’t aged well either.

  3. Didn’t Christina date and marry people who continued to cheat and is now with a dude who got 3 women pregnant at the same damn time. Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you really are. Karrueche is still in live with breezy and she even said “if we are able to mover pass this…” which means she still wants him. She knew he was cheating but didn’t want to believe it. Nothing makes you a better beleven than a baby. What else you need? A STD? Him to slap you when you finally do speak up for yourself? She needs a better crew cuz the one she got aint shut

  4. Karrueche is earning her way into the selling pussy hall of fame. She isn’t yet Kris Houghton Kardashian Jenner, Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onasis Tempelsman or Teresa Fereira Heinz Kerry. But, this hoe is just getting started. To believe otherwise is to believe that she is stupid. Of the hundreds of vixens Chris Brown has slipped his huge baby- maker into, only Karrueche and Rihanna are on TV. And, Karrueche had to accomplish that with no talent, at least none that can be shown on daytime TV. Bravo, hoe. Bravo!

  5. This interview changed my perception of her to be honest. She seems like a friendly chick who got caught up in love with a man and tolerated anything he does. I feel sorry for her, I truly do.

    As for Christina Milian, she is an attention whore. Can’t stand her.

  6. I know you could love someone with all of your heart, but sometime it doesn’t mean that person is right for you. In this case Chris Brown is not right for her period.

    1. Lindo…your comment is so true. A lot of people get caught up in their relationships so much so that they can’t see the things their partner is doing is unhealthy to the relationship. They believe that they can change that person, no matter how blatantly disrespectful the person’s actions are…and that is their BIGGEST mistake.
      I didn’t watch the interview, but based on all the stuff she’s been through with Chris over the years, Karrueche falls into that category. Someone said that Chris doesn’t love himself, and that could be true. However, he doesn’t own up to his actions and shows a very immature pesonality. Until he is surrounded by true friends and not “yes-men”, he will continue down a path of self-destruction.

  7. I saw this last night and saw a lot of myself in her. The niceness, positive vibe, and the wanting to be love. In the back of my mind I kept thinking she’s not asking her the right questions. I was waiting for her to ask the following:

    1.) do you think you stayed with Chris Brown for as long as you did because of the career opportunities you got for being associated?

    2.) have you ever spoken to Rihanna?

    3.) how well did you know the baby’s mother?

    4.) what are you going to do with your life now do you have any things in the horizon?

    I’ve always like a routine because you comes off with so much positivity in a little bit of naïve. I totally agree with you Jamari I think she should start a blog or maybe even a YouTube channel. That way she can show the world her creative side and she’s just more then Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend.

  8. Christina Millian is a straight user. During her segment with iyanla it seemed as though she didn’t know what was going on. She was just happy to be there, on tv.

    Karrueche is a beautiful girl and seems smart. She’ll be okay and she will find a dude who’ll treat her right.

    In the meantime she should thank Christ in heaven that she ain’t got no kids by him!!!!!

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