tumblr_m7z08b1sN01rpmhcsya know,
i thought about something after observing this chris brown fiasco.
i’m always for the foxes,
so you know this is for you,
but i’m sure the hybrids and wolves could relate.
in this life,
you will meet that one person that you are attracted to HEAVY.
only thing is,
they don’t want you.
they could lead you on into thinking they do,
but realistically,
they have no attraction to you.
so you do all kinds of shit to be in their radar.

buying them shit
texting a little too much
drinking a gallon of water because you are dehydrated

trust me.
i been there so #nojudgment.
when you finally get the message you wasted your time,
it can feel like a gut punch.
from the sidelines,
you have to watch them date the absolute worse of the worse.
well this is what i want you do to…

15i3p6xi want you to dance just like ^that.
well not hitchin’ up ya dress,
but you get the point.
i know its hard initially,
but once you realize there are plenty more in the forests,
it will become much easier.
chris brown treated all his bad vixens like shit.
they all made him their worlds.
look at who he ended up with.
look at who he had baby with.
all his bad vixens have moved on to something better.

listen there are people we are attracted to HEAVY out here.
not everyone will be attracted to us,
but this is about those who lead us on.
the ones who would rather date trash than give YOU a chance.

“i guess i need to be lighter…”
“i guess i need to be more ratchet…”
“i guess i need to have a bigger ass…”
“i guess i need to have a pussy…”

…its all = “something is wrong with me”.
nothing is wrong with you.
something is wrong with them.
the person you wanted and the people they choose to let in their lives.
i guarantee 5 years from now,
when you are living your best life with a much better person,
you will do this dance:

2iqh53s…because you will see you dodged a bullet.
you have to take the steps now to turn your life around.
that person is the prototype of your physical desires,
but judging from their choices,
they are not for you.
trust me that it looks good now.
it may not look good couple years from now.
am i wrong?
go get your education.
go spruce up your resume to get a better job.
go figure out what is your passion and make a career out of it.
go to the gym and work on your body.
something like the following package or higher:

20725_953030611375191_3519943716189506756_n…is waiting to worship the ground you walk on.
he is out there.
your paths will cross in the right circles eventually.

lowkey: i needed to remind myself of this as well.
we are growing together

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “WHAT 2 DO WHEN HE DON’T WANT CHU”

  1. Story of my life… welp, I’m going to start looking for a gym to live in lol. I need to tone up anyway. *sigh*
    I’m not going to settle for being treated as second best. It would be nice to feel important and respected for once.
    Keeping hope alive lol

      1. Preach, brother! But, on the low, I have no idea where to look LOL!
        But yeah, if he chooses ratchets, then im probably out the door already. I don’t like games, and drama, and run-around, so i’m out at the first red flag yknow?

  2. Often, you’ll find the one you wanted soooo bad wasn’t even all that. Lol

    Upgrade, enjoy, and be kind to your damn self!

    1. Yes, you will find that out. I can’t wait til I meet the right Fox though. He ain’t gone be ready for my ass lol.

  3. This is how I’m feeling. I was chasing this guy who led me to believe we would be together when he split with his boyfriend. He left his boyfriend, and got another one in the matter of hours. What about me though? LOL The dude he is with currently was already in the picture before I even talked to him. I confirmed this. I was on a waiting list and didn’t even know it, but I’ve scratched my name off and I’m done. He has a huge fetish for boys who are not yet 18, and I cannot and will not compete with that. Absolutely will not. I’m almost 22, and I’m not competing with teens. Yep, he likes the kiddies guys, and I’m sure of their ages. That was the bomb I was holding back whenever I talked about him on here. I recently found out about a third one as well. He makes Tyga look like a saint. Kylie is older than the boy he is with now and the last one. Jesus can’t fix this…at all lol. What is the world coming to? It was time for me to leave him alone. He will never be with me because of his dating trends, I can’t. My friend wants to call the police and report him lol. I want to confront him about it. Y’all know I don’t like that shit. This was a guy I was feeling for over a year, and I finally built the nerve to talk to his ass and he gives me the run around over and over. His man doesn’t want him around me, he’s busy, he doesn’t text much etc. I even flat out asked him if he didn’t want to talk to me, he could tell me, gave him an easy way out. His response would be no, I’m just busy with school work. We have a class together, so I see him a couple of days a week, sometimes up to four days in passing. If he was using me, I honestly don’t know what he got out of it. An escort to his room, and four text messages unanswered, three of them the first two days we met(he said he didn’t get the first). IDK LOL. Can I confirm if he was feeling me or not? No. That what kills me. I really don’t know. He was taken when I met him, and he had a side piece who he is now with. When I asked him if he was feeling me, he lit up like a Christmas tree though. I just knew I was gonna have him based on that. He still stares and sneaks glances at me. I catch his ass all the time and it confuses me. Gut tells me, he couldn’t afford to give me the time, so he tries to string me along and does the bare minimum to keep me interested as a back up, which explains all the excuses knowing he is going to see me again. I ain’t playing third best, nor second. I’m first.

    1. I’m noticing that trend too!

      There are men that prefer the forbidden, inexperienced aspect of messing with dudes under 18. They are easily controlled too.

      I’m good! That’s a dangerous game because as soon as they don’t get their way, they’ll be trying to call Chris Hansen on you!

      Man, you should know he wasn’t going to give you an easy way out because they want to keep you as an option (i.e. have their cake and eat it too). Very few men are mature enough to let you know what it is.

      You probably will never know if he really liked you, but you can make him feel your absence!

      1. Oh yea, he’ll miss it. It’s hard for me not to look at him in class, he pretty much sits across from me beside the professor. I have to spend all class looking down, not able to look at the professor when she talks. I tried it before. It is uncomfortable. The class is pretty lengthy as well. I can’t wait til the semester is over. It’s not even April. SMH. Fix it Jesus.

        Yep, they are easy to be controlled. I used to talk to an older guy when I was 17, but we met at a gas station. I scoped him right up lol. He didn’t know I was 17 when we met, but I told him the next day. I didn’t hang out with him, send inappropriate pics or nothing. He said he didn’t want to exclusively deal with me til I was of age. I respected him for that. I tried to hit tho lol. He was almost 30. You know I was ready lol. I still talk to him five years later as a friend. We’ve still never slept together either.

    2. Wow, that guy’s pretty wack man, I mean, here you’ve got a nice man who is in your class feeling you, but he goes after some high school kid?
      You know, if he wants someone immature, then I would take it as a red flag that he’s immature himself.
      When people show you their true colours like that, pay attention friend! You don’t know what kind of baggage he will dump on you. Perhaps those high school kids are the only ones who would tolerate that kind of nonsense, idk, im the same age as you man, so i dont see why someone would choose some teeny-bopper over a man thats a little more grown. We’re still really young by many’s standards LOL.
      Don’t settle for that run around shit, if you’re not “the one” or the “amin one” keep it movin, nobody’s got time for all that!

      1. I agree. He has a serious problem of getting caught up I’ve learned, which is a red flag. If he was with me, and left me for a high schooler, I ain’t even gone lie, my confidence and ego would take a hit. That’s too much for ya boi to take. I couldn’t act as if everything is ok after something like that.

      2. Dude, you’re too fly to be sweatin’ over a low-key pedo LOL! Shake him off! Get you a quality dude! You’ve got to deserve it just as much as he deserves you man!
        But yeah, thats pretty cold, if he left you for a high schooler, I mean, how does one even react to that?
        other than “Dafuq?” LOL

  4. See my issue is the opposite actually. I usually have people hitting on me (guys and girsl) and I don’t realize it, but when guys have been brazen to hit on me…I don’t do anything to act on it because I’m thinking it’s a trick/trap to try and out a person.

    1. Yeah, I don’t know when people are flirting with me either tbh. I’m not good at that stuff, so I probably missed out on some good pipe in high school! I wonder…

  5. @Man I’m sorry to hear that. You – seem like a Great catch. The guy didn’t deserve you anyway. You are too much a Real Man for him!!!!!, take as you dodge a bullet.it’s messed up your feelings got involved but lesson learned. now you free as a Bird lol

    1. I am free. My feelings aren’t too messed up, but he make me rack my head over him, but he didn’t get in my pockets, my time, and he didn’t get the D. Just some attention. I’m content with that man.

  6. This couldn’t have come at a better time. i’m going through the exact same things you are discussing in this post. I’ve been giving my all to this wolf only to have it come up to an ultimatum on whether not I should still kick it with him or if we should go our separate ways. It’s frustrating because I have so much love to give and I’m not being given back the same kind of love not the kind I deserve anyway. I cannot wait until the point where I can look back at this and know that I’ve moved on to bigger and better things. Because right now all I see is just darkness.

    1. Damn man, that’s tough. Don’t make him your priority, if you are only an option to him. Don’t go over his crib, don’t buy him shit, don’t cook for him, and please don’t sleep with him. Nah.

  7. I had to log in, to say, good post man. It’s an eye opener for all, regardless of roles. May everyone in due time, find the love they truly deserve.

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