so i got rejected today and i’m feeling kinda shitty

It was a cute moment with them.
Never saw any money tho so I can’t be too bummed.
I lowkey hated their payment system too.

i pride myself on creating a huge platform with the foxhole.
i’m not a mommy or travel blogger but i am an opinionated voice.
if the content calls for it,
i want to talk freely and even show sexual content.

I like to think of myself as a show on HBO.
You may get a good sex scene or 17 depending on the episode (day).

i got restricted from google adsense today.
the reasoning behind it was…

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tumblr_m7z08b1sN01rpmhcsya know,
i thought about something after observing this chris brown fiasco.
i’m always for the foxes,
so you know this is for you,
but i’m sure the hybrids and wolves could relate.
in this life,
you will meet that one person that you are attracted to HEAVY.
only thing is,
they don’t want you.
they could lead you on into thinking they do,
but realistically,
they have no attraction to you.
so you do all kinds of shit to be in their radar.

buying them shit
texting a little too much
drinking a gallon of water because you are dehydrated

trust me.
i been there so #nojudgment.
when you finally get the message you wasted your time,
it can feel like a gut punch.
from the sidelines,
you have to watch them date the absolute worse of the worse.
well this is what i want you do to…
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I Don’t Want Your Fine Ass (Rejection)

1346156013251_9407780everyone has been rejected once,

maybe even three times.
life comes with many forms of rejection.
that job we want that they give someone less qualified.
the love we want from our parents only to be given to the “bad” sibling.
and then there is the rejection that comes with dating.
that ones seems like the worse one of them all.
many online communities dedicated to low self worth over being turned down.
its usually not just anyone.
its that “guy”.
that “wolf”.
the one that was “perfect”.
rejection does sting and you can’t deny it doesn’t.
so i had to wonder…

Why is rejection worse when its someone we actually like?
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Rejected. Curved. “HE DONT WANT YOUR ASS!”… Same thing, really.

Rejection is a bitch, ain’t it?
ESPECIALLY from someone like this:

or even this:

You see the Wolf of your dreams and you must have him.
Why wouldn’t he want you? – you ask.
You are cute, have a great personality, and a smile that can light up the room.
Shit, fuck that, YOU ARE SEXY.
You are perfect.
So you think you have what it takes and go after your Wolf.

Only to get CURVED.

You play it off like you are good and that asshole didn’t know what he is missing.

Uh huh. Yeah. Shit.


You think it is over, but it isn’t.
There is a lot more to come after that rejection.

How do you really react when you are rejected?

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Oh Where, Oh Where Did My D/L Wolf Go?

Is this the constant theme in Fox/Wolf relations?

You meet.
Exchange numbers.
He gases your head up like a helium balloon of what you want to hear.
Do the dilly dally waiting game dance dance.

And then,
after all the dust settles,
the Wolf shows he is just like every other Wolf.

God forbid you give him a little tail in between…

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