Oh Where, Oh Where Did My D/L Wolf Go?

Is this the constant theme in Fox/Wolf relations?

You meet.
Exchange numbers.
He gases your head up like a helium balloon of what you want to hear.
Do the dilly dally waiting game dance dance.

And then,
after all the dust settles,
the Wolf shows he is just like every other Wolf.

God forbid you give him a little tail in between…

So D/L Wolf turned out to be more of a boob than a bust (and not in the good way).
Judging from the conversation, I figured he would be different.
He was selling me the purest rawest candy in my ear.
My parents taught me never to accept candy from strangers so I kept most of it in my lap.
That mofo was literally dangling handcuffs in front of me,

I thought I would have to charge him 20 dollars.
All while looking in my eyes and slight touches on my spots.
He could as well pee around me to let the other Wolves know.
He threw his muscular leg on mine to show CLAIMED.
I quickly put that leg down because this Fox was NO ONES yet.
I did not want to look as thirsty as he was.
A Wolf who is thirsty for you is usually a good thing.
He left the spot before me,
but not before he put that number in my phone.
He also called me to make sure I was in his.

“Don’t bullshit me nigga. You better call me.”
“Call me tomorrow.”
“Naw, you gonna bullshit.” – His words; not mine.

I gave it a day and I called the next at 9pm.
I was greeted by a voice mail that said he lost his phone and to leave my number.
No call back.

So a few days later, I texted to see if he really lost his phone
and in 15 minutes later, he replied.
We had a nice brief convo in our textual back and forth.
I said when is the next time I could see him.
He replies next week.

“Why next week?” I thought.

No reply after that for the rest of the week.
I texted yesterday a simple “Wassup“….
… I’m still waiting on the reply.


I have no time for that bullshit.
I felt a little rejected, but I had to remember one thing:

  1. I am Jamari Fox.
  2. When I was speaking to him, other Wolves were secretly peepin’ me (as I was them).
  3. All that candy (I was so fly, sexy, fine… blah blah)… another Wolf will think the same.
  4. I may have been saved from something I could not see now.

But I had to wonder if this is a game I will be playing a lot looking for my Wolf?
It seems like I have to do all the work.

Foxes, you know what I’m talking about…

I have to go up to him first
I have to blow up his phone to show I’m interested.
I have to fuck him good to make sure he cums first.
I have to make sure he is okay and check in on him.

Is this this the new Wolf order?
Are Wolves nowadays just fuckin’ lazy?
And isn’t that the biggest turn off?

I was left pondering one question:

Are Foxes and Vixens the new “Wolf”?

19 thoughts on “Oh Where, Oh Where Did My D/L Wolf Go?

  1. If you keep calling a Wolf/Fox and they always making an excuse why they can’t speak to you at that time and promise to return your call but never do, is that the beginning of the end? Should I press the delete button?

    1. Yes, delete. They’re playing games or really isn’t interested. Save your energy for someone who wants to be with you.

  2. J, baby, there will be others. He don’t know what he messed up and missed out on. Plus, I’ve noticed that most times when it did not work out for me…somewhere down the line I found out something horrible about that person so I’m happy that I did not put myself in that situation…it hurts at the moment but you’ll live. Your the HFIC…if you don’t…how do you expect us too?

    And maybe Foxes and Vixens are the new ‘Wolves’…shit most of the masculine dudes you saliva over nowadays are “verse” (mainly the love to get their back blown but still top to say there masculine lol). I’ll treat you to some Ben & Jerry’s….

  3. Jamari he was probably a ass hole to begin with. He sounds like the type to rack up numbers and have a hole for every day of the week. I can’t lie that has happened to me and it sill happens to me. But I just remember what a fox is good at and thats digging and if we keep digging we’ll find our black gold

  4. you just wanted a D.R.; don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll break the dry spell soon enough…and there’s always Mandingo 😉

  5. #whoisjamarifox :
    He was a personal trainer!
    He had the body of champions.
    Hold on.
    My eyes are getting misty again.

    LMAO!! NOW I see why you waited a week!!! I dont think i can blame anyone who would have held out a little bit too for a body like that.

    1. Vain,
      I was trying not to hold out…
      … But I really wanted to wrap my arms around that strong back of his.

      Like Sam,
      Do my best to turn him out and lock him down.

      *pours likka out for fallen D/L Wolf*

  6. #whoisjamarifox :
    Do they Jay?

    The ones I know do. The gym is and has always been a major hook-up spot. There are plenty of trainers that advertise on BGC and A4A for clients and end up messing around with most of them on the side. I’ve messed with one before. He trained out of his house so he had plenty of dudes coming in and out for business and pleasure. Same with barbers.

    I can’t even knock their hustle. They prey on the body image issues most gay dudes have and end up making anywhere up to $200 a week.

      1. Once he told me he was a personal trainer I would’ve known the deal. They get plenty of action. Should’ve taken his face for a test drive and ran. lmao

  7. Dealt with this just this week. Interested evasive fox. Stood me up twice. Said he “fell asleep.”
    I cussed his out via text. He responded, profusely apologized. Went over his house sunday morning and dicked him down like a champ. Cracked that ass open like a walnut. Now guess who is blowing up my phone? lol

  8. “Don’t bullshit me nigga. You better call me.” “Naw, you gonna bullshit.”…. That was red flag NUMBER ONE!

    “I said when is the next time I could see him. He replies “next week.”… That was red flag NUMBER TWO!

    Was he more interested in the chase than the attainment and subsequent follow through? Is he a spy on a secret mission and he was forced to leave the country and put you on hold? Its tough to know why he didn’t show interest in you after the party. Some people overestimate their interest, then realize that they’re not as interested as they thought. This is common for men who don’t quite understand their own emotions and go off of impulses. Some guys in particular can be very focused on ‘giving you a great time’ even though they already know that they are unlikely to pursue anything with you. It could be for any number of reasons and it may not even be about you per se.

    But what matters is first looking at your own actions. You took the initiative more than once when in reality he was the one who was peepin’ you. If he’s the one who initially showed interest in you, and you’re the one who has to go out of your way to hit him up… Something is wrong. I don’t care what anyone says: If he doesn’t hit you up after a few days, unless this man is the busiest person on earth, he’s not interested. Plus, when a man gives you his number, although it may not seem like at at first, it puts HIM in control. You now operate on his time and he decides when and if he even wants to talk to you. You are now the one doing the heavy lifting. Do not fall for that trick again after this.

    1. Thanks Vain.
      I am not going to be hook, line, and sinker to that bs again.

      I let him take control after I took control and he drove the connection right onto an off ramp.

      This is when in my past I would have said it was my fault….
      But clearly, I did nothing wrong but believe a bullshitter.

  9. OOOh this brings on one of my most favorite songs!

    “I wonder where my easy rider’s gone!!!/
    He went and put my brand new junk in pawn!/
    Im losing all my money and now im blue!/
    If that man was here he’d sure know what to do!/”

    ahhhhh yes yes….i listen to it everyday. amen.

    And he may have thought something about you that you cant see in yourself. Its quite common. We may never know why for sure he is or was such a dickwad ….but always remember that we are unaware a lot of times of the messages we are sending when we are aiming to send a completely different one. JUst something to think about. Most likely it may just be him….those closet cases can be the most bookoo. 🙂

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