You Betta “Run”

runthis did cheer me up tho.
so jay and bey dropped an epic trailer to their “on the run” tour last night.
it’s called “run” with a ton of big name guest stars…

BeyonceGif_12alright alright allrigggghhhhhhhhtttttt.
well wait beyonce where was all this gusto in that elevator?
i had to ask.
that was pretty dope tho.
people lowkey had me looking at them like they were stupid tho:

“omg is this a movie?!?!?!!?”
“eek! eek! eek! when is this coming out?!?!”
“what does coming never mean?!?!?”

was i the only one who got that it was a promo for the tour?
i guess i was the only one paying attention to the jay/bey chronicles.
it is my career alas.
maybe they might put out the whole thing as a music video or something.
where was solange tho?
is she the getaway driver or queen pin they didn’t show?
i kinda feel like she lives up to the “bonnie” theme.
maybe she is the opening act?

lowkey: soooooooo…
this still ain’t “running” to ny?

Author: jamari fox

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