Braylon Edwards Is Doing Everything Besides Football

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 11.38.54 AMgod i want him to do me.
king braylon edwards
nfl free agent wolf and veteran in the foxhole,
is enjoying all his free time.
so this means more selfies and more “take your pants off as well”.
check out what bray has been getting into lately…

tumblr_md1t23Cvfe1rrl2a0o1_r1_500god i want him getting into me.
i also didn’t realize braylon was such a good dancer as well:

one thing i like about braylon is he knows how to have fun.
he also comes off  pretty down to earth and humble.
i really think he needs to look into that sports analyst job.
its not like he doesn’t have the personality for tv.
just no more kids bray thanks.
acting tho:


lowkey: i hear braylon is also doing music now.
i think he’s a dj or something.
can i get a confirm?

found: his instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Braylon Edwards Is Doing Everything Besides Football”

  1. It just dont make no sense to be this good looking, one of my top 5 all time fantasy men. I would lay it all down for this man right here, just perfect in my book

  2. That’s why they should allow these athletes to go to college longer and get a degree so they can have another job to fall back on.

    1. I agree with you these guys need to look at the long range goals. I know that many of them come from poor backgrounds and the $$$$’s look good, but they really need to try and complete those degrees either online or go back to the campus and do one class at a time until they get finished. Most of the teams seasons end in Dec., so they still have time to enroll for Spring term.

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