King James New Watch Is The Type Of Wolf I Want

lebron01i don’t care what anyone says.
king james is fine as hell.
his body and those “palm a handful of yo ass and smack” hands >>> his feet.
i would climb him and have him take me right down.
sorry sav.
so has anyone ever heard the name audemars piguet?
if you’re a good fox/wolf/or hybrid,
you should…

(Partner Let me upgrade you
Audemars Piguet you)
Audemars Piguet watch, dimples in ur necktie
Hermmes briefcase, Cartier top clips
Silk lined blazers, diamond cream facials
VVS cuff links, six star pent suites – upgrade u, b

well its the biggest luxury private watch company in the world.
well like a fox/wolf/and hybrid,
they don’t associate themselves with just ANYONE.
they have done watches with quincy jones,
and jay z.
well you can now add lebron james to the list with his special edition watch…

Today LeBron James, pro basketball superstar athlete for the Miami Heat and nice guy all around, has a new friend. It is an Audmars Piguet watch and it bears his name on the back. In fact, for just over $50,000 you can have one too. As a friend of the brand, Audemars Piguet has added LeBron James to its list of many world famous athletes and celebrities who have the honor of claiming a limited edition watch of their own.

Audemars Piguet doesn’t just partner with anyone who is famous. Like a conservatively-minded parent, it must get to know each potential brand ambassador before wedding them to a watch. Audemars Piguet looks for individuals who help define style, talent, sophistication, and overall good taste. LeBron James is among a unique generation of mega athletes who have gone beyond their fame in the field or court, to create in themselves a fashion leader and trend setter. At home in Switzerland and active all over the world, Audemars Piguet realizes that LeBron’s fame is primarily American – as is the sport of basketball. Nevertheless, given his status in the world of privileged lifestyles Mr. James is respected and followed internationally.

It was little surprise that Audemars Piguet would produce a watch for LeBron. Just last week Mr. James was visiting the watch manufacture in the small town of Le Brassus, Switzerland. More than likely to pick up his timepiece and engage in a little photo opp with brand’s key personnel and watch makers. The result for fans of the watch brand as well as LeBron james is a beautiful new rendition of the iconic Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph luxury watch.

Called the “Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Limited Edition LeBron James” the piece has been uniquely styled for the man himself, but is based on the standard unlimited version of current Royal Oak Offhsore timepiece. For watch lovers, the most interesting aspect of the watch is how it uniquely combines gold and gray. This color combination is rare, but clearly flattering. To accomplish this the case of the Royal Oak Offshore LeBron James is produced from 18k pink gold and titanium matched to a gray crocodile strap. Black ceramic is used for the crown and chronograph pushers.

Masculine yet imminently fashionable, the watch flirts with the notion of both sport and wealth. An interesting design element that LeBron is no doubt proud of is the chronograph start/stop pusher at 2 o’clock that has been set with diamonds. Completing the package is LeBron James’ signature on the rear of the timepiece. Limited to just 600 pieces, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Limited Edition LeBron James (ref. 26210OI.OO.A109CR.01) is priced at $51,500.

i LOVE this line:

Audemars Piguet looks for individuals who help define style, talent, sophistication, and overall good taste.”

that is exactly what i’m looking for in a wolf.
i simply want to hold up a mirror and see myself in him.
i’m just saying.
wearing this watch means you are the ultimate baller.
i guess thats why i barely see “anyone” wearing it.
i wouldn’t even wear it out if it was given to me now.
wearing a audemars is a sign of “talk yo shit”.
not there yet.
if you gonna buy this watch to floss on instagram,
i also expect you to afford:

x a brownstone in manhattan
x a get away crib in another state
x a get away crib in another country
x vip access to heaven


the common new money hoodrats need not apply.

lowkey: i would love a “jamari fox” watch to add to their collection.
sigh dreams.

^i like this b.
“talk to shit” b.

2 thoughts on “King James New Watch Is The Type Of Wolf I Want

  1. I’ve seen better looking watches.

    I guess it being limited edition makes it worthwhile.

    I agree with you RICHIE but I think your comment applies more to other celebrities.I can see P.Diddy’s bucktooth ass trying to get one so he can get his ghostwriter to add in a mention in a song.

    “Turn the stuntin up a notch got the haters bitchin”
    “Seeing what i got will have you niggas wishin”
    “Yeah, I got a 50,000 dollar watch but I can’t pay my son’s college tuition.”

  2. I think its really nice, however I feel as if its just another ploy by a major manufacturer of a luxury item to trick African Americans into believing that if you own our product, you now have status. So now every baller with 50 grand is gonna look at it as a must have, and every broke nigga is going to want one, its superficial, and foolish. Even if one could afford a $50,000.00 watch, the question is why? Because trust Bron big ugly ass prolly got three, for free, while other dudes gonna break the bank trying to keep up with the James’!

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