iTunes Radio Is My New #foxhole Addiction

okagainhas anyone got into itunes radio yet?
“pandora what?”

so i was having an issue with it playing the same song every so often.
as much as i like tanar’s “the one”,
i don’t want to hear it 3 times in one hour.
this was my tip.
there are some dials when you open up the square:


i put my dial between variety and discovery.
this is a good breakdown of them i found on ( x osx daily ):

  • Hits – the most popular songs from the genre, think greatest hits collections, top 40, etc

  • Variety – a mixture of Hits and Discovery, a nice in-between choice if you’re looking to find new music but also hear the familiar classics
  • Discovery – pure discovery, you’ll get a few hits but this will often wander pretty far into the depths of a genre, behaving a bit like Pandora. Don’t be surprised if your station goes way off the deep end after a few hours with this setting, which may be good or bad depending on your musical preferences

one thing i like about itunes radio is you can listen to it on your phone,
or on your desktop.
it syncs all your settings within the cloud so you can bring you it everywhere.
also add the artists you want to hear within the station.
i did that in the hiphop/r&b station so i can have a good mix of both genres.
i added drake, jay z, beyonce, kendrick, j cole, and nicki minaj.
its playing all kinds of good shit.
i’m about to make a 90s playlist in a minute.
anyway check it out and let me know what you think!

x read more about itunes radio here
x justin timberlake blesses itunes radio?

lowkey: i had to find that “play explicit music” dial ASAP.
i don’t do edited.

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