White People Said Black People Aint Having NOTHING

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 2.57.39 PM white people took r&b and now they takin’ ratchet.
an f-bi just sent me this video for “23”.
starring our overly ratchet white step sister,
miley cyrus,
her new boo mike will made it,
juicy j,
and wiz khalifa….

i needed that.
well at least we know we are the shit.
too bad we don’t realize until our swagg gets got by our snowy friends.

tumblr_mbkvgeGfp51qb9e3to1_500lowkey: paris hilton signed to young money.
iggy azalea got azz and trying to replace nicki minaj.
even  justin bieber is rapping now
on “lolly”:

now lets see how they act when they get arrested.
i love when people say,
“oh they are young and just finding themselves”.
would they if they were nobodies living in the burbs?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “White People Said Black People Aint Having NOTHING”

  1. If Hannah Montana never happened, Miley would be in Tennessee, still her brown haired self, probably doing an episode of Wife Swap:One Hit Wonders of the 90’s.Not the Queen of ratchet she proclaims herself to be.I wonder if her dad regrets taking her to Hollywood to be on Disney Channel.Those drugs that are so available done warped her mind.The proud hill-billy that once was, no longer exist.

  2. Is it bad that there is this little part of me that can’t wait for her to get pregnant with this fools baby? I can see this going either as a wake up call or her fully embracing her rachetness…..on another note tell me why I met and Indian guy whose name was Rachit and it was pronouced like Rachet….(-_-)

      1. No they don’t! And from experience usually once they know you’ve had sex with a black guy you’re white trash! So she’s done, all my normal white girls that I know are already calling her trash and saying she’s disgusting..

        1. ^she is holding on to us,
          but we are looking at her like a caricature.
          she recently said she wants her new album to be comparable to michael jackson’s bad.
          big dreams.

      2. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t even control her own money, mommy and daddy must be holding those purse strings more tightly now then anything. Hell he may be using her for money. I expect a Britney Meltdown where the only difference is she cant bounce back from it.

  3. I guess ratchetness is like rock and roll in the 40s/50s. Made for blacks to dance to and embrace but whites fell in love with it and had lil Becky parents worred that they’ll dance with the black

  4. What lil hillbilly Molly dont seem to understand is that its those little girls in middle America who’s parents have discretionary income to blow is the ones who have made her rich, maybe she doesnt care being that she is reportedly worth more than a 100 million dollars but just like Raven Symone, they are not going to embrace your new grown up persona’s and your fans who have grown up are not taking you seriously and the hip people who embrace you are not going to financially support you. It all boils down to a matter of economics, when you are worth this much money, its best to keep your ratchetness in the closet for the sake of the bottom line just ask Britney and Christina. One things for sure, these parents may wanna take a hard look at pushing their kids toward a career at Disney, all those kids have had some serious issues once they are grown.

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