I Should Put The Camera Under My Boobs And Snap The Picture

lololhow true is this tho?
it goes for both sexes actually.
listen i’m all about lookin’ at some flesh.
it be like soft porn on instagram.
it gets so bad you’ll see someone post a picture,
not get enough likes,
erase the picture,
and post it again a little later.
aaah the society of the selfies.
i love how vain everyone as become.
those are always the best ones to manipulate.

Braylon Edwards Is Doing Everything Besides Football

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 11.38.54 AMgod i want him to do me.
king braylon edwards
nfl free agent wolf and veteran in the foxhole,
is enjoying all his free time.
so this means more selfies and more “take your pants off as well”.
check out what bray has been getting into lately…
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