Victor Cruz Has A New Love

when i was watching “ballers” on hbo a couple weeks ago,
which stars dwayne “the rock” johnson,
it was cool to see victor cruz make his acting debut.
he did a pretty good job playing “himself”.
he can try his paws at acting after being let go from playing football.
he has always kept his love life pretty quiet.
when his baby mama/long term engagement holder,
blasted him for his side hoes,
he still kept lowkey about it.
victor debuted his new vixen over the weekend and well…

…and it just happens to be karrueche tran.
jamari fox buys none of it.
now don’t get me wrong,
i’m all for new love and slight revenge antics for old fuck bois.
they look extremely awkward and almost like someone said:

“hold paws as you’re walking outside.
that’ll really sell it!”

for these two,
who have been super private before,
this all seems so random to me.
someone must be selling something,
a new show/movie must be coming out,
or a scheme is being hatched in a war room.
either way,
i’ll allow it if they bring forth greatness from this.
if not,
this obvious pap stroll was a waste of time.
and nice nudes vic.
always a pleasure when you get “got”.

*pap stroll pictures credited to owners

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “Victor Cruz Has A New Love”

  1. I am sorry but, Karruche seems to be a strategist and opportunist when it comes to people. What happened with her and Christina Milian, the soccer player, and the other people she has been linked to? Although she is beautiful, I just don’t get the hype with her, she really played Chris Brown good, and use the victim role, but didn’t have a problem with getting bills paid and accept gifts or being at an event in the same room with him.

    1. She Played Chris Brown? The dude use to hit her and had a baby with another woman. On top of that he left her to rekindle a romance with Rihanna then begged her back. If that’s her version of playing Chris Brown she ain’t good at it.

      1. If it was not for Chris Brown, she would not be having the success that she has had without him. The acting and entrepreneurship that she has going on now. Also, when I said she was playing him, it was in regards to him spending his money on her and the opportunities that she got from being with him.

      2. @Rondo….nah man. She didn’t play Chris Brown. If anything, like Chris said, he played her.
        She stood by him when he was in jail, the only one to do so (per his words) and as soon as he got out…he ran right back to the crowd that kicked him to the curb and then he turned his back on her.

        She was loyal (pun intended) and that loyalty had her lookin’ like a damn fool. She got her shyt together and finally had the courage to leave him. Now she’s looking for another guy…she’s entitled to it.

      3. According to Chris she was texting and meeting up with Drake while he was in jail so I don’t know if that accounts as “standing by him”

        If anything, as others have said Karrueche is an opportunist who will only “date up” to continue living her lavish lifestyle and reap the benefits of being a “public figure”.

        I mean I won’t knock her for it because it is what it is and most women do this. But it’s also funny how many women will scream “equal rights” or “feminism” to appear more liberal/forward but yet they still succumb to traditional gender roles (only dating wealthy men) because it’s convenient for them. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    2. Lmao people absolutely hated her when she was with Chris Brown so I’m confused as to how he helped her.

      Furthermore, all the acting opportunities and cosmetic line was HER work with the help of good management (Jacob York), not Chris Brown.

      Sorry, but people overestimate Chris Brown’s importance. Chris didn’t pull Karreuche out of the projects. Chick is from Los Angeles so I highly doubt she was from a poor background.

      People didn’t warm up to her until after the relationship.

      I suppose he put Jasmine Sanders and Draya Michele on too?

    3. She didn´t play him lol. He probably knew what he was getting himself into and he was disgusting to her, as he´s just disgusting in general. Nobody got played lol.

    4. Wait so you supposed to date broke niggas because you’re a feminist? What part of the game is that?

      Hell, I don’t want a broke, unambitious man and I’m a guy doing decent for myself lolol

  2. This is either for a commercial, music video, or scene from a movie/TV show. It doesn’t look genuine.
    Chris is probably going nuts right now. LOL

  3. Victor Cruz had been smashing one guy (very famous and rumoured to be dl) in the NFL…😈 the tea has started to get spilled and now suddenly he’s out and open with his straight relationship and who’s he picked! That known beard…nicca please lol

    1. And where is this supposed spilled tea? I’d like to see that!
      It’s no secret that it’s been RUMORED that they are smash buddies because they hang out together a lot. But because two guys hang out a lot together doesn’t mean anything. Even though they do make a handsome couple, it’s all speculation now.
      Lebron hangs with Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony in the off season. Hell, sometimes they all take vacations together. Are they smashing?

  4. Interesting couple and this was unexpected, but I m not feeling it tho. Victor is a known cheater, so I have no idea why she would choose him of all people.

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