Lorenzen Wright JR Dedicates A Photo To His Mother, Sherra Wright

you know,
we joke about these jackals and hyenas,
but they do leave love ones behind after their antics.
sherra wright,
who allegedly was involved with the death of her ex husband,
leaves behind his 6 cubs as she may go off to prison.
lorenzen wright jr posted ^that picture about his mother.
they both made a really handsome cub…

this is him when he was 3:

and as a baby:

he looks like his father.
he is following in his late father’s footsteps too.
i wonder how she felt about that?
if she felt anything at all.
they are all a nice looking family tho:

ya know,
this makes me sad.
their world is about to be turned upsided down.
some will resent her; the rest will cape.
i’m sure “shock” is what’s happening right now.
i hope they have family members who will look out for them.
they need to hold each other down too.
i’m disappointed with this whole ordeal.
they’ll stay in my prayers.

lowkey: lorenzen looks like a “devane” doppleganger…

lorenzen has sharper features.

pictures cc: lorenzen wright jr | sherra wright

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Lorenzen Wright JR Dedicates A Photo To His Mother, Sherra Wright”

  1. Ain’t no telling what this boy going through….especially if he’s an above average player, that makes it to the league. The spotlight that we be on here him about this situation may be overwhelming. Then heartless people could be rude and messy towards him on social media. I pray for Lorenzen’s children man, this is rough for them….and for her to get charged before the holidays smh.

  2. I remember this was on Tv one but I didn’t watch it I don’t like hearing about dying. It sad that sometime women get to this mind set and of all people your children father. One thing for sure they made some beautiful ass kids.

  3. Chile…you know all we can do is “hope”. We know how easily sporty wolves get caught up with females (& males) & be lookin like BooBoo the fool much later.

    Greed shole can drive folks to do some vile things…even someone that once said they loved you with all their heart. 🤔

  4. I don’t know if the cubs will be okay with receiving support from family, because Lorenzen Wright mom is behind on bills and facing eviction. Hopefully, the son will follow his dad footsteps in the NBA, overseas league or have a great career pursuing some other path.

    1. ^wow this is getting really sad.
      i wonder why she didn’t sue for them fucking up on that 911 call?
      these cubs gonna be poor unless they figure something out.
      they might have to downgrade their lifestyles.

      1. the family got an undisclosed amount for the botched 9/11 call. Not sure if was the parents or her. But I do know that the father sued her for spending $1million of the kids trust fund. They settled out of court tho.

      2. The family did sue Collierville for mishandling the 911 call. They reached a undisclosed settlement. She got her part and the childrens too.

    1. ^i know they must be devastated.
      to find out your mother’s secret.
      to be involved in the death of their father.
      she lied to them all these years.
      that betrayal has got to hurt.

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