Karrueche Tran Got That Fire

chris captioned this photo with:

well it doesn’t seem to take much,
breezy poo.
so i didn’t know she had it in her.
karrueche tran isn’t going to be a victim any longer.
i don’t know if her manager was in her ear,
or she watched “enough” too many times,
but she is ready to take chris brown to court for his alleged threats.
this is what tmz had to say…

Karrueche Tran will do what Rihanna would not — testify that Chris Brown brutalized her … and she’s not scared at all.

We’re told Karrueche has no fear about testifying that Chris allegedly kicked her down a flight of stairs, punched her in the stomach, threatened to shoot her and made other death threats … this according to multiple sources connected to Chris’ ex.

The actress has been dogging Chris for more than 2 months trying to serve him, but he successfully dodged the process server … until Thursday night when he was hit with legal docs after his BD party.

Our sources say one of Karrueche’s motivations is to inspire other women similarly situated to come forward and confront people who brutalize them.  

We’re told this has been a long process for Karruechethe alleged abuse started a long time ago but she built up her confidence to finally put an end to it, especially after the alleged recent death threats.

You’ll recall, Rihanna almost immediately had a change of heart after Chris brutally beat her and did not want to cooperate with authorities. Chris copped a plea and she was never called to testify.

as joe budden said on the “everyday struggles” youtube:

karrueche got that fire

( x start @29:00 )

it’s the power of “moving the fuck on and glo’in the fuck up”.
it’s not as much as sexual as it’s “i’m better off without you”.
it always leaves a pineapple in confusion.
chris did what he is allegedly good at and commented about it on “baller alert”:

i don’t know why it’s so hard for chris brown not to say:

“You know what?
I fuck up.
God is still working on me.
I’m trying to change and I’m learning as I go.
I want to apologize to anyone I’ve hurt.”

…and go make (better) music.
this victim act he does<<<<
it legit makes him look “unstable”.
the one thing alleged abusers do is try and discredit you to everyone.
i’m glad karrueche isn’t playing “the dumb ass” any longer.
she is a damn daytime emmy winner now.

i’d say she has moved on and wants no more drama in her life.
chris needs to do the same.

article taken: tmz

see video of him getting served: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Karrueche Tran Got That Fire”

  1. I am proud of her for finally finding her self-esteem that she obviously lost while in a relationship with him. Karrueche has Chris shook, something Rihanna never was able to do.

  2. Chris Brown is a perfect example of when celebrity worship goes terribly wrong. It’s crazy seeing all these delusional fans that happen to be women defending his behavior.

    The fact is Chris hasn’t changed that much. Still doing drugs, looking horrible for his age, likely not taking his meds, and most importantly not taking responsibility for his actions.

    Furthermore, Chris ain’t that big anymore for someone to want to target him. He has a decent fan base, but he doesn’t have much chance of increasing that fan base and his career has piqued.

    The theory that Karreuche is a fail simply because she doesn’t run in thot circles and hasn’t been linked to anyone else since they broke up. I keep saying if she was some kind of vindictive social climber wouldn’t she be trying to hop on NBA Players and rappers?

    I always knew he was putting her hands on her as well because abusers don’t really change their pattern and he got with Kae right after the altercation with Rihanna.

    I have no doubt he’s one of those monsters that come in a perfect package that you see on the ID channel.

    1. ^she is very quiet so he is doing typical alleged abuser shit.
      trying to make his fans turn on her.
      he did it with rihanna with industry heads.
      everyone turned on her for him.
      bet was one of them.

      at some point,
      team breezy will wake up.

  3. Good for her I hope something comes out of it. To be honest his fans are just like those yes men he surrounds himself with. As long as he can can keep dancing and releasing music and stays somewhat attractive he ain’t going nowhere. No black male singer has the kind of hold he has right now to overtop him.

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