The Immortal Lies of Phaedra Parks?

i love when things come full circle.
from the time phaedra parks hit “rhoa”,
i never cared for her.
shit hit the fan at this season 9 reunion

i find all this funny tho.
when phaedra was slandering kenya about that jail bird,
her reputation was high key ruined.
it gave way to countless draggings each season for kenya.
the truth came out and it was swept under the rug.
for her alleged “liar” title to actually stick,
it had to be with bedtime stories told about kandi?

it seems like when she doesn’t like someone,
she puts an alleged verbal assassination on them.
either way,
phaedra is coming off like an alleged pathological liar.
she is always getting caught up in her alleged lies.

“you used me as a pawn against kandi.” – porsha


…and why is porsha boo-hooing anyway?
she is always looking like an idiot on this show.
i’m mad the one vixen in the blue went to comfort her.
i woulda let her drown in the tears of her stupidity.

“i don’t want to bring you all the way down on the tv show.” – kandi

you lie on me and i’m gonna be word vomiting all on your shit.
that type of shit would have ruined kandi.

i’m also over andy.
he seems very biased.
they need to have aunt wendy to host this show from now on.

lowkey: i love how kenya was eating that up.
i woulda been dragging her for all the past seasons.

6 thoughts on “The Immortal Lies of Phaedra Parks?

  1. This whole situation was horrible. How could she do such a thing. I am absolutely glad Phaedra is not returning.

  2. I can guarantee they’re going to make sure next season is much lighter and fun. A few wives might get the boot.

  3. They really showed so much low class behaviors, just acting was so real with them making sure season 10 happens.

      1. That Porsha Chick is dumb as a “ROCK”!!! I mean who just believes something as ridiculous as this?! I would have had to just ask the bitch “Aye yo I heard and Ol’ boy got a dungeon in your crib, is that forreal?!?” This is exactly why I stopped watching this mess 3 years ago after they kicked off Dwight (they all turn on him like a pack of dogs for telling them the truth). A bunch of mess. With an uppity broad that would rather be famous than be an attorney and get that money. Why not just make money fame is fleeting! I knew her screw was not tight.

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