Chris Brown Has Something To Say About Karrueche and Victor Cruz

chris brown is an interesting wolf.
now i gotta admit,
after this song:

…i’ve been worn down in listening to his “40 track/two week” album.
i like the bubbly and charismatic chris brown.
that demon he likes to play is a complete turn off.
so ever since karrueche started dating ex baller wolf,
victor cruz,
i’ve been wondering how chris was taking it.
i thought he couldn’t share his opinion due to being banished from her life.
well i thought wrong!
when “the shade room” posted a picture of the couple on a pap stroll,
chris made his way into their comment section.
this is what he had to font…

in my head,
this was chris brown after he saw it:

he has no filter tho
.i love how she has a whole restraining order on him,
yet he doesn’t give af and made a comment.
i’m glad it was a positive comment tho.
i was expecting the demon inside him to take the wheel.

lowkey: karrueche looks great,
victor has been getting his skin together…

and as for chris,
he still looks like chris.
he is much more handsome when he has weight in his face:

(Photo By Storms Media Group)

how fine is he right there?
skinny doesn’t suit him.

*all photos used in entry credited to owners

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Chris Brown Has Something To Say About Karrueche and Victor Cruz”

  1. My favorite look on him was the FAME era he had weight on him and did that video Yeah (3X) he looked so great and rejuvenated and a little thick lol

  2. I just want him to do better. He has a daughter, and he needs to be a great example for her. I know that’s reaching a bit..but I hope he can do it.

  3. Chris needs help, period! He didn’t need to comment, he needs to stop obsessing over the girl and move on with his life. Its not cute, funny, or anything that he said something nice this time inspire of the restraining order, its sick. He has a problem and needs psychotherapy. The fact that he cheated on her, had a whole baby, and then stalks and threatens her and anybody that talks to her.

  4. I think Chris Brown will forever have that hold onto Karrueche because he feels like HE made her. He’s said in the past that he elevated her to success (which is facts) but he uses it to try and manipulate and control her. It’s creepy

  5. I believe he is being passive aggressive.She accused him of abusing her,stalking her and sought a restraining order.IMO there is no way in hell he is being sincere.I believe he is being petty and saying I’m still watching you.

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