Lamont Johnson Bares All (The Foxhole Goes Nuts)

i love following lamont johnson on twitter/ig.
he gives good word on twitter and even better pictures on ig.
well the foxhole went crazy today when he posted this…

he’s like…
odell beckhan jr for half the price.
i’m sold.
he can go very far if he has the right push.

hair care
beard grooming
personal training
music video fantasy wolf

my erotic fantasy model

i meannnnnnnnnn…

the possibilities with this one are endless.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Lamont Johnson Bares All (The Foxhole Goes Nuts)”

  1. He and Odell really do favor one another. Damn!
    I just wish these guys would stop going overboard with the tats.
    It’s going to come back and bite them in the ass when they get older.

  2. Lord have mercy!!! WOW!! Like whoa!!😍😍😍 i’ll Take two please 😈😈😈

  3. Like I’m the minority here on only one thing… I simply hate beards. I like to see a man’s whole face. …BUT aside from just that..Daddy is looking real nice. It’s been a while when I could look at a guy and think he looks nice.

    I’m not going bonkers over it or anything..(since Im kinda meh over social celebs) but he def is something that makes you smile and appreciate being a man.

      1. Shirtless? Tremaine needs to gives us this… I will be praising Gawd all day and night. Y’all know Trey gotta branch between them legs. I bet he has a muscle booty too.πŸ™‹

    1. Yeah he looks amazing to me, I just hate when guys overgrow their beards like that. A trimmed beard is better IMO

  4. His body is sick and his ass is hella nice. Hell, I would like to lick it. lmfao. But seriously, have yall ever nothing that he doesnt have a dick print! With them small ass draws and swim trunks he be wearing you dont see shit. I mean nada. There were a girl on IG that literally said, where is the dick? lmfao. So, I dont know if he Photoshop it out or if he’s a grower or not a shower. Bc he’s definitely aint showing shit in his pics and vids!

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