Deven Hubbard Comes Over To The Foxhole With Some Beef

deven hubbard doesn’t like the foxhole.
i woke up this morning to this tweet:

he accused me of saying he was gay in my entries of him.
as i recall in my writings,
i didn’t believe the rumors of vinny’s dick in his:


i was skeptical about him being gay,
but the entire internet thinks otherwise.
i’m talking social media,
message boards,
and the foxhole combined.
i’m glad the battery in deven’s back was charged all the way up.
let me slip mine in because i have three words for deven…


those are the folks he should be trying to impress in these forests.
kobe was drafted straight outta high school.
so was king james,
who was highly promoted as the next nba superstar.
deven hubbard…

his claim to attentionisto fame was being the top nba draft prospect.
he got bloggers wasting their time talking about him entering the ’18-19 nba draft.

are you even enrolled in college?
are you on a team?
wtf is really going on today?

somehow that dream is on hold.
his new career is a glorified ig hotel hopper.
to some,
that spells “escort”.
he even tried his paws at personal training last year:

you could even ( x buy whatever he was selling ).
not happening.
i’d imagine that they wouldn’t even consider him in the NBA due to all this:


his real beef should be with vinny for having him out here like this.
he sleep tho.
you see the pics.

you’re nothing but a marc jacobs bag or a pair of gucci earrings.
an accessory to a gay male.
once he finds someone else that is willing to suck the soul out his dick,
you’re pretty much gonna be outta season.
you’re straight,
you don’t have what it takes to keep him satisfied.
i doubt he wants two bills so you’ll more than likely get dismissed.
i hope you’re in his will at least.
you aren’t?

the snow gays make for better johns anyway.
they can be clingy,
but you might at least get a car or an apartment out of them.

i’m done now,
but i’ll respectfully leave with this:

( x found here )
i hope those mugs were worth it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “Deven Hubbard Comes Over To The Foxhole With Some Beef”

  1. I wonder if us calling him hit in the face or an extra for fraggle rock helped him not enjoy your posts?

    Also you were literally only about him making sure he sets his nba career up again. So I don’t understand how you are the bad apple, when the other blogs just see him as a body/dick to view for a minute til bigger and better happens. Oh well guess he was feeling his self huh?

  2. Where are this boys parents they let a predator come after him and allow him to ruin his dreams and now he is living a lie on the internet with a pimp who loves embarrassing him on the internet for shits and giggles on instagram this is so sad to watch and especially for the boy like he is too young to understand the full gravity of all this and I feel bad that this will follow him forever being exploited online for shallow attention that will not help him grow as a person. I pray for him and hope he finds his way into something good for him cause the NBA thing is a long shot if he ever could make it. Dear lord

  3. Harpo who the fuck is he lol….a nobody carry on. These IG models are average folks with no money but have social media fame. Fuck outta here bye Felicia. A hit dog will holla. A site mentioning you doesn’t mean you’re gay. If he was smart and business savvy he would know gays spend coins and having a gay fanbase makes you even bigger. Ask Chris Brown, Nicki, Beyonce, every IG eye candy out and etc. But he’s young, dumb and delusional. Glad you got him together

  4. His velociraptor faced ass tried it!!!! If his facially challenged ass wasn’t out here in these forests doing all that suspect behavior then his ass wouldn’t be out here being called or suspected of being gay! No “straight” man is out here in these streets, hotel room, showers, pictures, or anywhere else that him and his pimp, I mean, friend been seen and filmed at doing the things they do. He needs to be more concerned with how him and his “friend” got him out here looking rather than trying to put your blog on blast for saying. The ENTIRE Internet is calling him gay but, he singles your blog out. #GurlBye

    1. Naw, German Shepherd is too good for him. He reminds me more those Pugs with the wrinkled faces.

      ESPECIALLY when he smiles.

  5. But when did you ever say that he was gay though? Because I never once seen the words “deven” and “gay” in the same sentence let alone implying that in any post pertaining to this guy.

  6. I don’t know why you kept giving this ugly little beast the time of day anyway. Karma is coming for him. I smell full on exposure soon.

  7. you not gay but you know about all of the gay blogs …but you fuck with 1…

    I’m confused.

    he knowing hangs with, lives with, lives off a gay man ….who also has access to his phone. he knows all the gay blog and let’s gay men but him whatever….sleeps in his bed…..

    sounds like a quacking, walking duck to me

  8. Vinny has this boy ALL over Al Gore’s internet lookin like his girlfriend, but he’s mad at you?

    Deven, redirect that energy. Get your “friend.”

    If I was straight, I would never allow my friend to post pics of me in all those compromising pics/videos. Especially if I was SO concerned about my straight image.

    I guess all those nice things he buys you balances it out? i dunno….

  9. @Jamari, you went in, stayed in, got comfortable, and left your mark. “I hope those mugs were worth it!” *screaming* The pen is mightier than the sword, indeed.

    1. and for Deven, your number 4…I don’t understand why these people don’t understand the power that bloggers have…that stays permanent…smh…common sense…

  10. He’s pressed when you didn’t even call him gay and even gave dude benefit of the doubt and he trying curse you out? If he don’t get the fuck… 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Still don’t get the appeal of him. Body on point but everything else… Issa butterface 👺

  11. Deven, go pose naked in the shower for Vinny again. You are a joke. Jamari may not call you gay but WE ALL DO lmao!

    1. With his 1 star having ass… what “profession”does he have?! And Deven you may not be gay, but you ain’t STRAIGHT either! Don piss on our backs and tell us it’s raining🙃

  12. Often a lot of dudes that are upset are not so much upset at Jamari per say. I think folks get upset at the posts/posters. It’s the simple fact that some of us have absolutely no filter (& nothing is wrong with that. Folks need a reality check in 2018). Lashing out at us individually would be pointless but lashing out at the Creator of the blog that gives us access to say what we want would be better. I myself have said he isn’t too attractive and only gets traction because he has a nice body and is light skinned. Yes, I’ve said he looks like a muppet or I’d let him fuck with a bag over his head and a picture of They Songz stapled to it or what not. That was probably a bit too harsh on my part.

    I’m going to be sympathetic. He’s young Jamari and you shouldn’t pay him any mind. That’s what kids and grown kids do. They talk & throw tantrums. Let him enjoy his recess, you’ve got more things to focus.

    He has an opinion, you have numbers.

    What’s interesting is his post of blogs he messes with…I find that very interesting.

    The root of this is, and will always be …attention (some folks only believe they deserve postive attention just because…). He very well might not be gay (idk, don’t care) and just be along with that other man for the ride. I sorta feel sorry for the chap. When you’re fresh and young the [insert rainbow predator pic here] always want you.

    If I were in Devin’s shoes, I’d ditch the guy and move on. Start building you establishment now so you can have a brighter and more secure future and not end up becoming a hobosexual.

    There’s an old phrase that says, “It’s better to be wanted than had, than to be had and not wanted.”

  13. LOL

    Vinny is really the one out here ruining his “good” name. This man is recording you sleeping, with the curtains closed shut, snuggled up under you, while in bed together. That video is so messy, far from an innocent joke. It reminds me of side bitches trying to expose the dude they messing around with.

    Vinny is so damn creepy and his feet fetish is disturbing 😖

  14. Claude Hammercy! LMAO

    I was just minding my bidness catching up on some blogs and I found this entry! Jamari I don’t agree with a lot of things you post but I never saw any malicious intent posted about Devin on this website. He’s obviously trippin on something and deserved every bit of the slapback you gave him.

  15. Not gay? Okay Deven, girl. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

    I love you Jamari, but see this is what happens when yall gas up these little light skin muscle queens. I honestly skip over the posts because they all look the same. Give me a big black Wakanda looking warrior who does something positive in his community any day!

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