Hey My Loves: Tiffany Haddish Has Something To Say About Mo’Nique

even though the sun is shining on tiffany haddish,
they is some alleged shade in the clouds.
tiffany has been doing a lot of talking these days,
but she had something to say about mo’nique in her latest interview with gq.
when asked about the netflix protest,
she said…

“that husband of hers…”
in my head,
mo’nique is booting up that podcast with this face:

“hey my loves.
sister tiffany,
i hope you’re blessed sugah.
you know i love us forreal right…”

all jokes aside,
tiffany is right tho.
i’m sure the mo hive is gonna find fault,
but i see no lies in her statement.
i don’t think mo wants that spice with tiffany.
she ain’t gonna back down.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Hey My Loves: Tiffany Haddish Has Something To Say About Mo’Nique”

  1. “When my people are dying, that’s when you’ll catch me protesting” LMAO DEAD

  2. I think Tiffany should tread lightly. She is likeable but her stand up special pretty much confirmed to me she isn’t really funny naturally.

    She’s poppin now, but after making her rounds working the three main black Hollywood directors playing the same character from Girls Trip she’ll probably be done lol

  3. Tiffany said what everyone has been saying about Mo’Nique. If u didn’t like the offer go else where.

  4. Mari,

    If the old Mo’nique comes back, Tiff better go running, because I have seen her presence in The Queens of Comedy outtakes and she was able to hold her own and you could tell she was the leader out of all the other women. I get mouth from Tiff, but not able to back it up. She was not funny on SNL.

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