Vinny Watson Gets Deven Hubbard Butt Naked Out Here

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there are some who like the idea of being exploited.
i mean,
it can go two ways.
they’re willing do anything to get fame.
others go along with it or they’ll pretty much be washed.
everyone loves talking about deven hubbard and vinny watson,
but this recent video from those two has me questioning them.
it looked like deven was having a photo shoot in a bathroom.
vinny is bts filming on his phone via ig live.
“let’s spill some tea” on tumblr did a screen record and well..


1. why was vinny even filming that on HIS ig live?
2. it looked like deven was comfortable at first,
but when he realized he was caught naked,
you can tell his whole vibe changed.
3. their little situation isn’t gonna end well.

in my head,
deven doesn’t have any money and he’s putting up with whatever.
i still don’t think they’re fuckin around,
but i do think vinny violated his personal space in that video.
it’s one thing to give us bts footage from a photo shoot,
but it’s another to get his whole pipe out there for the world to see.
i don’t know about you,
but this is going into borderline “gross” and sus.
i could be wrong tho,
but i’ll let the foxhole be the judge.

lowkey: those random videos of deven sleeping…
i dunno,
but it’s all giving me a heavy “pervert”…

video cc: lets spill some tea

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

36 thoughts on “Vinny Watson Gets Deven Hubbard Butt Naked Out Here”

  1. Gay dudes trying to coddle these down-low cases by pretending to believe they’re straight is so annoying. Lets be honest about the reason why, it is because it fulfills a sick fantasy a lot of gay men have, which is sleeping with someone who is “straight”. The guy is not straight and will never be straight if he takes your advances—yes, even for money.

    This is one of the reasons why black gay men in particular have higher suicide rates than white gay men and why most of us are unmarried by 30+.

    White gays love the straight jock fantasy but they don’t let that deter them from getting married and finding a partner in life. Black gay men are consumed with down-low culture and this Stockholm syndrome version of Pretty Woman where trade creeps away from the girlfriend in the middle of the night to give them some dick under moonlight. It’s beyond pathetic.

    Another thing I wanna know, why are older gays so consumed with the likes of Deven who is some early 20-something kid? You’re a grown ass 35 year old man… Why do you care? Moreover, Deven is not even facially attractive. He is very funny looking if you ask me. I guess it’s the thrill of the chase or the scandal? I couldn’t be asked.

  2. I dont think they are fucking i think like everyone has said Deven is on the come up and Vinny is supporting it financially Deven doesnt work and IDK what happened to him going to the NBA. I think he is only around Vinny for the money and clothes so is Rio. I would say Vinny is taking advange of these young boys but they after him for the money and i guess he gets his by having them walk around his house half naked and recording them. Im not saying its right but it is what it is. I would say he needs to play with dudes closer to his age which is 30 and not young dudes fresh out of high school. Deven is 19 or 20 he shouldnt even know Vinny… Another side would be if they are related like cousins or something or if they family have know each other and they grew up knowing each other. I feel that they have an intimate relationship i dont know the dynamics of what it is they are doing but its definatley not sexual i just dont get that vibe nor do i think deven is anywhere near gay i feel he plays the part for material gain but he never seems comfortable being recorded Vinny. I hope he figures out what he wants to do with his life hes young and already has a following he doesnt have to compromise him self for money it is easier but in the long run would it be worth it? Vinny gets them young because he know they are vulnerable and will jump at the materials and money.

  3. As I have told people when they talk about him. I do not think anything is being hidden. I do not think this guy has ever addressed his sexuality, but people are guessing. I think he gets down, but when or if he decides disclose is his business, and it cannot be forced. People are placing too much energy into this.

    1. He went off on a video once saying that he’s “not into the same sex” but everybody laughed. So he has denied it before. In a hostile way too lol. But none of us believed him

  4. We call these two PAPPY SHOW in Jamaica…….They foolin only themselves.

    They not only fucking off camera…Vinnie wanted to SPILL SOME TEA as his video was called. He certainly spilled it alright. Nice ASS on Devin. But we already knew that. Nice dick too. We already saw that.

    So whats new?

    Not a thing. Not. One. Thing.

  5. Vinny leaked nudes of Deven and photos of him sleeping next to him on tumblr. Google it if you want receipts. Please, they been messing around.

    Deven is an attention whore so he clearly has no issue with it. Vinny is a creep with a face only a mother could love. Not even his “light skin” can save him, his awkward pout and his creepy foot fetish. Looking like a damn 3ft gargoyle. Sir bye.

    1. ^sheesh.
      i clearly don’t pay attention to them as i should.
      it’s really creepy between those two.
      it doesn’t even come off sexy.
      it’s weird to me

  6. I don’t see how there is any doubt that the two of them have a relationship that includes Vinny having on-demand access to Deven’s body. If Deven were a woman with a “unique” face and a banging body would anyone have any doubt? How did Vinny become the villain here, anyway? Might some of our indignation be reserved for the whore and not just the john? Plus, this notion of Deven getting mad at Vinny’s messiness and the relationship ending badly seems unlikely as well. Nothing about Deven’s public persona suggests a person comfortable with paying his own rent and living only as large as his means permit. It’s not as though he can catch a baby and get a 21 year annuity. His only play is to keep daddy happy for as long as possible or until someone else comes along who can (and cares to) keep him in the style to which he has become accustomed. The NBA is clearly a pipe dream. His extra shenanigans online should have waited until after he was signed if he really thought he was going to have an NBA career. (Those who think that all that matters is athletic talent and winning games should call Colin Kaepernick.) While I am firmly in the camp of people who are really feeling Devan, I admit that he only gets 15 minutes. The minute he slacks off in the gym or starts to get a Cristal gut, he is going to need a new way to earn a living. Meanwhile, he is going to ride that Vinny train and hold on tight for as long as he can.

    1. It is wrong because Deven is just a baby,and Vinny is exploiting him and using money to “buy” Deven. Vinny is like damn near 30 and Deven just graduated high school Not too long ago. Deven being young and not having nothing is of course going to make him gullible and vulnerable every time Vinny flashes something shiny and worth value in his face. Vinny has this boy Gucci down and in just about every name brand,letting him drive foreign whips and playing for his jet setting around the country. Vinny Lowkey on some predatory ish. Deven is not even 21 yet.Also I believe they’ve done something together,but i feel like Deven is straight,and most likely being “gay for pay” and messing around with Vinny bc he knows Vinny is taking care of him.I also think this could end badly bc Vinny seems messy asf,and if Deven goes to play ball or becomes independent and decides to leave,I feel vinny will probably have leverage and hold shit over his head like releasing all his secrets/outing him and nudes etc etc. Majority of the time when you have relationships like this it’s all about power.Usually the older men want a kept boy/girl and they use naivety and age to oppress and control. Im good at reading body language,and i feel like Dev trust Vinny for the most part,but in that clip it wasn’t okay for him to expose him like that.You could tell Deven didnt wanna be completely exposed. He thirst traps,but that doesn’t make it right to do that to him.

      1. Exactly. It’s called grooming. It’s the definition of predatory behavior. We laugh and ki…but anyone with eyes then could sense what was off about it: Why is a grown ass man with this young dude? That was the question in 2016. But some questions answer themselves. V is significantly older than Deven; he met him when he was underaged. Its an imbalance of power no matter how many muscles Deven possess on his body. Deven is almost 20 so he’s legal….now. Still.

        Recall the years it takes us from youth to adulthood to navigate how to establish and draw boundaries comparable to our self-respect. Especially as black gay men. My God. Now imagine your inexperienced kid self meeting your experienced self and think of all the shit you could get that kid to do just because you learned what to do … anyone else uncomfortable yet? lol

        What’s interesting to me is the way their relationship is portrayed on black media. It’s almost reflexive for some (black gay men, straight black women) to immediately hone in on the sexuality and that becomes whole story. Is Deven gay? Are they fucking? One is gay. One is…not? I guess. But tea has been served. The more interesting pot brewing is of the Atlanta scammer and his harem of (underaged?) boys. I mean…it’s all gossip, right? lol

      2. Either Deven is a child and it’s a crime or Deven is an adult who is responsible for his own decisions. This notion of a permanent adolescence is a dangerous one. Deven Hubbard is old enough to vote, serve in the military and to be tried as an adult. I say he is also old enough to choose what dick he wants to suck and why.

  7. Look, it’s a new day. A lot more of these dudes are hobosexual and will do anything for the right amount of money or somewhere to stay.

    Now these types have always existed, but this new generation has none of the shame previous ones did.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they are straight up fucking or dude is just paying to see him lay around his house naked all day. We all know these gay dudes with with expendable income have strange ways. Escorts and straight men used to have to do nasty, pornstar fucking but some of these day dudes want to pay to sniff some worn underwear or watch him take a piss or kiss their muscles lol smh

    Furthermore, this dude craves attention and because he’s light skin with a marginal body considering his age, ya’ll give him exactly what he’s seeking. Why on earth does this dude have 200k followers?!

    I can hop scotch down the street and find a darker more attractive with the same body or better smh.

  8. If those two are not in a sexual relationship, they seem to be doing a good job of acting like they are.

    As far as how the two guys look, my advice generally is: 1. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and 2. If you can’t say something good about someone, remain silent.

    1. Yes! I Think Deven is attractive in an odd way. Awesome body. And Vinny just looks ..
      . Like your average dude. However , if vinny didn’t have money and was broke then these two prob wouldn’t be friends . Just my opinion . Vinny is the one with the money and Deven is gay for pay

  9. maybe i just don’t get it?
    maybe these two are just a special case?
    maybe i don’t need to get it?
    i don’t understand if they’re allegedly fuckin,
    why all this drama?

  10. Jamari imma have to disagree because all evidence points to the fact that in some form of fashion these two are in a sexual relationship. And you and I both know just because someone claims straight doesn’t mean they are in practice. My theory: Deven is Vinny’s kept boy, and although he has the face of an ogre he is light skin with a banging body. That’s usually enough for any gay to make him into a trophy. He might as well keep it up because with all these online shenanigans his NBA prospects are a pipe dream at dis point.

  11. The “kids” love this odd lookin lil boy and I just don’t see it. He is so…. unique looking. A true “bless his heart” face.

  12. You’re not wrong at all and I’m glad you can see past a chisiled body. This is going to sound me and forgive me but I don’t find the light skin guy attractive facially but he has enough body and is light skinned so I guess that is enough for most of the black gay community.

    Idk…the body is nice, can’t lie..Might let him do a lil sumthin sumthin with a paper bag over his head and a picture of Trey Songs glued on it.

    Totally off subject but I’ve been on Tumblr and have seen whole blog dedicated to young boys. It disgusts me how folks are or how about the vids where folks film people either jacking off or taking a crap in a stall to post it online.

    This other guy, if he is as dirty as Yu say. I wanna punch him in the face for being a mess.

    So this Devon fellow doesn’t have any money.

    For some reason, Vinny reminds me of the Daddies of Gay Families that I encountered when I was in Houston….

    I hear a lot of folks say that Vinny is messy…this looks pretty messy…once you record something on the’s a wrap…but hasn’t this kid been naked online before?

    Be careful…this could end up in bloodshed one day.

    I hope Devon can find himself and move on.

  13. Let’s put this into perspective. You mean to tell me they are only friends and that thier relationship to one another is strictly platonic? Please.

    Every time we see either Vinny or Deven, they are almost always at Vinny’s house, taking photos and vids of each other. Shirtless or without undergarments. That isn’t normal straight guy behavior. And Vinny is openly gay. You mean to tell me that Deven, despite his tragic face, is over there all the time and Vinny not ONCE made a move on him? With the body and cakes Deven has? Deven hasn’t put out once for any of the money Vinny got at the very least?Bullshit. Or they may genuinely be in love, but Deven has to keep a persona that he is straight because he doesn’t want to ruin his chances of going pro in the NBA. 🙄 They are in a relationship. There are screenshots on Snapchat showing eachother thier junk to eachother. I don’t think Vinny is exploiting him tho, he may just be showing him off. But he may have to chill out on that because it draws attention and speculation.

  14. They’re fucking and it’s as clear as day. And the fact that there’s both photographic and visual evidence of such acts.

    1. I agree they fucking but on some casual Trick for trade type of ish…..They just play it off from a platonic standpoint because they got caught on that Hollywood/Kerry Rhodes tip. Devin just fucking him and chilling….alot of dudes do that until they ready to leave that Bi life behind and go full turkey(Straight) the majority of guys I ever messed with are Trade/Bi guys whom live a Straight lifestyle. The first man to ever hit on me was a Fine ass College Bball player…..had all the girls on campus and everything. However Straight dudes mainly messed with dudes for Oral Sex, Salad Tossing, and occasional Anal Sexing…but from my experience it’s mainly the Oral Sex.

      1. “However Straight dudes mainly messed with dudes for Oral Sex, Salad Tossing, and occasional Anal Sexing…but from my experience it’s mainly the Oral Sex.”


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