Next Up On The Docket: Khia Being An Alleged Homophobe?

i wasn’t into “queen’s court”.
i saw everyone rushing to watch,
but it just looked like a drag contest to me.
by “drag contest”,
i mean “dragging any and everyone for no reason”.
the docket was just going in on folks with some alleged outings.
khia and ts madison got into a little situation,
and funky divena ended up getting involved,
since ts madison is his people:

well khia has been going off about him,
but a vix-bi sent me the homophobic rant she recently had…

she had to “mend the community with her thugs and hoteps”?
her response to why she was fuckin’ with the gays:

“It’s work”…

don’t get too mad at her tho.
she showed ya’ll who she was during “queen’s court”.
nasty and just downright ignorant.
some of ya’ll gave her a spotlight,
only to hear that there was no respect and it was just “work”.
i’m not partially interested in their drama,
but i found this latest to be sorta ironic.
she clearly doesn’t think before she rants.
i hope ts madison is successful on her own without khia.

lowkey: i felt in my foxy senses khia was gonna ruin herself.
gooo sixth sense!

19 thoughts on “Next Up On The Docket: Khia Being An Alleged Homophobe?

  1. Khia has been this way, and some of the gays ignore her ways since they find her funny. She is only doing what straight men do to the gay community, use them for their own benefit and profit. It is all fun and games until she is homophobic to them though. This is how these people operate.

  2. She has ALWAYS said HOMOPHOBIC shit LOL! I’m surprised that there are SOME people who are shocked. I remember when she called The Game a faggot because he defended Beyonce when Khia dissed her. Khia has been calling people faggots her entire career. She is like K Michelle. They like you but once you say something that they don’t like then you’re every sissy, queen. queer in the book. Every Queens Court episode Khia had made a reference to shaming men by calling them “gazoo” or “gingersnap”. Yes those are homophobic slurs idc what anybody says. TS Madison deserves everything she’s getting from Khia because even she knew that Khia says disrespectful things about her community but still chose to fuck with her. Now Khia is calling her “MAN-dy” and every “man” name in the book. Bye Maddie lol

    Honestly IDK why people gave this show so much attention anyway, their whole setup looks cheap as hell and everything is so unpolished. The whole Toya/Reginae drama was corny as hell and people jumped on Khia’s bandwagon just because they hate Lil Wayne’s daughter. Now the show is crumbling and Toya & Reginae had the last laugh.

    Khia needs to send her own rat faced saggy titty refrigerator built self to the docket.

  3. I do not believe that Khia is Homophobe. she call it like she see’s it.
    for any gay guy or women who take issue with Khia, pay close attention when your straight friend use the word sissy or faggot. I wonder if you going to say something or seat back and laugh. we go at allowing her straight female friends get away with using those type of words, then get mad with another women use it because we don’t like her.

    another thing, their are some messy gay guys out there. we all know one of two them.

    1. I’m not friends with any straight guys or women who say shit like that. I check em on it the 1st time I hear it and after that I can’t rock wit em.. Again, how tight would you be with a White who calls you a nigger???

  4. If anybody watch the whole video, she don’t have anything bad to say about gays, trans or anything, she said she’s respect them, but she don’t fuck with the messy ones, those who she’s called punks, but like anything else everybody only going to take a small portion and ton with it

    1. Naw, you don’t get to call us punks, sissies and faggots and then be like “I’m only talking bout the messy 1s.” That’d be like if a white man liked to throw around the words nigger and coon and then say they just talking bout the “certain 1s.” That shit is rude and unacceptable and you’d be ready to chop ol white boy in the throat. Same with Khia, the words she chooses are foul and out of bounds, doesn’t matter who she’s “applying it 2”

      1. But there are gays who says the same thing. They be like I cant stand a fucking faggot…. yada.. yada. yada… blah,… blah.. blah

  5. So my first comment didn’t save due to Gator overload. Well anyway I enjoyed Queens Court, it was my guilty pleasure. I didn’t agree with or like everything Khia said, but her and Madison worked well together. Khia has always said homophobic things about the gay community. No one can control Khias mouth, and she never thinks she’s wrong about anything. The things Khia said about gays in these video, she meant it, and she will not apologize. The sad thing is SOME gays will still support her and call her Queen.

  6. Gotta admit I did enjoy Queen’s Court during its run I love a good roast and it was perfect for smoke sessions. That being said anyone wit half a brain could tell Khia was never really fuckin with us like that. She always had snide comments in relation to anything lgbt related. No matter how many times Maddie would try to teach and correct her she kept on. So not surprised nor outraged. Now I’ll just make sure to YouTube My Neck My Back from a non-Khia channel rather than stream it. Next Caseee! Lol.

    1. My Neck, My Back was tht shit! Quiet as its kept Khia makes some bops. My Neck My Back, Steer, Whistle On It, Santa Baby. To bad she so dam raggedy so I gotta bootleg all her music.

  7. No one can’t get mad at her for saying that though. Thats how a lot of attentionistos are about gays and probably some of your beloved singers & athletes.

    I’mma say that if I didn’t like any of you because you’re gay but knew y’all were bringing in the money for me, I’d pretend to be down with the gays too, until they piss me off. You really think those rappers, athletes and the like be having a change of heart in two days after a tweet?

    Nah, just a correction of the wallet. This is another reason why I don’t pine over Str8 dudes. Lol, gays are nothing but a means of income…It’s like having a bunch of digital sugar daddies.

    I’m not gonna say anything nasty about Khia…but I always stress that If someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time..

    1. Get this man a glass of champagne because, you, good sir, GET IT! All this “equal rights” “no H8” bullshit alot of these Celebs preach is just performative. 9 times outta 10 behind closed doors they either don’t give a fuck about us or they have some really fucked up negative homophobic opinions of us, but they know we’ll spend coin with em, especially if we feel “accepted,” so they pretend to care to keep they bills paid.

  8. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME JAMARI!!…I’m suprised you didn’t know…called the gays aids monkeys and bulldaggers at one point

  9. I’m on team madson she put all that money for queen’s court she needs to get rid of khia she can do it without her

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