“Bring Those Chocolate Cakes Back…” (Excuse Me, Michael B Jordan?!?)

they’re gonna stop this.
stop this,
i say!
look at what michael b jordan fonted to lupita on twitter…

if she was me:

sidebar: God,
i miss flirting with wolves.

and look at her response:

i don’t know what’s happening with these two,
but i’m into it real heavy.

lowkey: tremaine flirtin with issa rae on ig,
and now this from mbj and l.n’o?
what a time to be alive.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on ““Bring Those Chocolate Cakes Back…” (Excuse Me, Michael B Jordan?!?)”

  1. Oh man Jamari you coming through tonight. That Michael gif got me so (nevermind) I need to go to sleep.

    1. Lol you a gotdamn lie. Lupita has dated mostly black with ONE exception & he was a white south african. Michael has dated (depending on ur definition of dating; but he has definitely had relations with) multiple black american women. Try again.

  2. MJB was on the MTV game show Safe Word,the show post crazy stuff on the celebrity guests social media.Lupita is just playing along.Tiffany Haddish posted a video of him backstage at the show.

    A week or so ago Safe Word posted from Jason Durelo’s account that he wished he was the father of Jordan Sparks baby.

  3. Yass for Tremaine and Issa and Lupita…I still don’t like MBJ. He reminds me of Jamie Foxx…He was supposed to grow on me..but never did. There’s something about him….. Well, at least he doing well & gotta decent fanbase.

    Issa Rae is so cute and I knew Lupita was a Goode’s though.

  4. โ€œNo dessert until you come correctโ€ OK! Let me find out Lupita got some freak in her! Lol and LMAO at that gif โ€œI sure am!โ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Ah, if only this was actually real. We all know by now MBJ wont touch a black girl with gloves on. Rumor has it that He was getting so much heat for dating that Becky that the studio encouraged him to keep her “hidden” until they finish the press tour for the movie. He and Lupita would be such a hot young Hollywood couple but in real life, Im sure he’s looking at her like a “sister. Plus she’s not the right hue. Its sad. If you check his IG, all his homeboys are with Beckys too. Its so sad, intentional and weird af.

    1. You 100% right I’m glad someone noticed I thought I was the only one,black people are shipping this non existent relationship,They been going at it heavy (lup and Mickey) since people found out about that Becky story. black women don’t care they all seem to be into Chad more but yeah their PR flirt is really obvious

    2. Eh, I notice this as well. Though I try to shut up about it. Don’t two other cast members also date fair-skinned Vixens?

      I wonder is this Michael and Lupita thing
      is just for marketing and shipping purposes?

      It’s often easy for some of us to get caught in the image of things when we forget that these are just actors “playing roles.”

    3. Lol what, one of michaels best friends recently got married to a dark skin black woman, and mike was in the wedding party

      maybe hes not with one now, but Mikes dated black women, try again

  6. Yall know the chemistry they have is for movie promotions only. I have to say Mike looked like he wasnt wearing any draws in the movie tho. lol

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