Pat Yourself On The Black For Making History! (Black Panther)

in case you’re wondering how much “black panther” pulled in.
i had the official numbers via “deadline”.

Disney has verified this morning what we saw in the middle of the night, that T’Challa recorded the second-best Sunday ever at the domestic box office. Its $60.1 million (higher than the industry’s $59.55M estimate last night) ranks only behind the all-time record held by Disney/Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($60.5M on December 20, 2015). The total now pushes Black Panther to a three-day total of $201.8M, still the fifth-best domestic opening of all time after 2012’s Avengers ($207.4M).

Disney does see Black Panther making $235M over four days, which means it will beat the Friday-Monday hauls of of Avengers ($226.3M) and Jurassic World ($234.1M). But there are those in the industry who believe T’Challa has a shot to be the second-highest four-day opener ever with as much as $242M-$245M — behind Star Wars: Force Awakens ($288M) but taking out Star Wars: The Last Jedi ($241.6M).

no one goes to see “black movies” tho.
uh huh.

lowkey: i took my “L”,
but i’m going after work this week!

article cc: deadline

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7 thoughts on “Pat Yourself On The Black For Making History! (Black Panther)”

  1. #tears 😢this is beautiful news! BP is a must see film! Beautifully shot and acted. Great story and great cast. Costumes, makeup, and accents were all on point. ❤❤❤🐱👍🏽

  2. Love this, I’m not going to lie I didn’t get a chance to see it myself, but I’m going to see it this week. My family and friends who went all said it was an excellent movie. It was the topic of conversation today at work. I hope this starts a trend of more black movies and great tv shows who show us in a positive light.

  3. Kudos to Ryan for this awesome film & awesome accomplishment. Props to Marvel for trusting him with a large budgeted film. I don’t think other studios would have entrusted a budget like that to him. This and Civil War so far are my two favorite Marvel films so far.

  4. It will definitely hold that title for sure as its a film that holds up well. It will definitely be in the lead, until Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom comes out.

    Might be pushing it a bit to say it will win an Oscar for some thing like Best Picture but if I had to be honest I can definitely see it picking up a nod for best cinematography.

    I only see Jurassic World 2 surpassing it as far as Disney movies are concerned.

    P.S. Why does Disney own everything? It’s like this hive corporation or somethin’. It’s creepy.

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