andre marhold has been using that pipe to break down walls in his come up?

you’ll be shocked who is fuckin/fucked with on the low.
from the straights,
to the grey area folks.
some because the sex is the bomb; others are getting the bag.
as the story comes out,
it seems andre marhold is a legit opportunist.

the type who will give bomb sex for the bag.
well jason lee,
of “hollywood unlocked“,
decided to spill who andre was allegedly smashing before jeffree star…


according to jason,
andre was up in the guts of:

celeb stylist and creative director,
ej king.
andre was allegedly in a whole entanglement with him for 4 years.
he allegedly dropped ej for jeffree.
ej allegedly showed jason andre’s pipe picture and text messages.
andre was last seen thirst trappin and the pipe looked kinda XL tho:

i bet you he is dickin’ jeffree TF down for that bag.
adding an extra few strokes each and every time.

it has gotten him in a rolls royce and whatever else.
it sounds like andre is the typical hobosexual in hollywood.
what they won’t tell us is that some of our favorite stars were once in that position.
many started out like andre and are “big deals” now.
i don’t really see that for andre,
but it seems his dick has gotten him a lot of mileage on it.

lowkey: can we chat about jason admitting he nearly smashed jussie smollett?
jason looks good too.
whatever he did is working for him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “andre marhold has been using that pipe to break down walls in his come up?”

  1. I believe it, but EJ despite being out there seems to be keeping it hush hush atleast publicly. But once Jason has the tee, it’s no secret anymore. Did EJ even give the green light for Jason to speak on this. It’s so blatant why Jason is so disliked. He is ungodly messy. As far as this guy, he has too much of a type to just be using these guys for money. All 3 of the men that he’s dealt with have the same look going on, Ofcourse with jeffree being the worst.

    Also, NOT ALL but a lot of these wealthy industry gays, weather its stylist, designers, publicist, hair dressers etc. use their fortune and fame to bag these type of dudes. Kinda like when the straight rappers and athletes go for the “exotic” women who would never give them the time of day if they were broke and still in the hood. He definitely gives opportunist, but let’s not act like some gay men won’t pay the price to fulfill their fantasies, then go on a outing spree once they get played.

  2. Well like I always say. If it helps you get that money then keep on doing it honey. Shoot this guy is doing way better than me right now 😂👏

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