So Peanut is F*ckin’ With Mehcad Brooks????

tumblr_liquixKuBs1qbin2lo1_500it looks like peanut has gone from baller wolves to actors now.
i guess he is going on a world tour of outing everyone he dates.
superhead much?
he someone just outed his alleged relationship with mehcad brooks on baller alert.
is this a step up from kerry rhodes?…

“I have something that is gonna make your blogs go crazy! I have new pictures of Russell “Hollywood” Simpson and Kerry, but listen to this, there has been a big love triangle! You know Hollywood was going with Kerry. Now Kerry is going with Alton but Hollywood is supposedly going with Mehcad Brooks. Mehcad Brooks is the guy from “True Blood” and “Unnecessary Roughness.” Now, the reason Hollywood and Kerry broke up is because of Mehcad Brooks. It’s a big triangle. Alton is Kerry’s new assistant and Kerry is now doing all the things he did for Russell, for Alton. Alton used to date Mehcad but now Russell dates Mehcad.”

tumblr_mk81vozBAl1r0ftodo1_500this cannot be life.
it seriously cant.
well i guess he’ll be entertainment until someone cracks that peanutty ass.
stay tuned…

lowkey: im more shocked mehcad dips in the chocolate.
when i met him he was all over these snow bunnies.


i’m starting to feel like we should be mad at kerry rhodes for giving this queen the time of day.
he dropped him and now we gotta deal with his ass.

story found: baller alert

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

41 thoughts on “So Peanut is F*ckin’ With Mehcad Brooks????”

  1. It’s a shame that this blog promotes te DL lifestyle. I have been reading since this site was featured on Baller Alert a while back and it is pure filth. This site is the reason men at giving women HIV and I don’t know how you sleep at night writing about these ungrateful men.

    1. I was going to explain that no one on here promotes the DL lifestyle, but I’m so disgusted with your comment that I going to give you a dose of your own meds and not let you off the hook.

      You comment is pure filth, and if you have been coming here for a while you are just as filthy as we “supposedly” are. Having you heard the saying the longer you play in shit you’ll start to stink. Lift up your armpit and see what you smell. Again, if we are filthy you are too. You can hit that X in the top right hand corner and leave. Don’t forget to spray your filthy ass down with a water hose on your way out. Sick and tired of y’all complaining but steady keep reading. No one here is going to change for you. Jamari is not changing, and neither are his commenters and readers.

      1. Damn Man, Got her together real quick. Packed all her shit, and sent her the bill in the mail before check out. Lmao I love it.

    2. It’s your responsibility to protect YOURSELF from contracting HIV.So either practice abstinence which is 100% effective in preventing HIV or other STDs or use condoms correctly and consistently which lessens your risk.A straight guy can potentially expose you to HIV just as easily as a DL guy. Protect yourself

  2. GMAFB Peanut lied and said he was dating Jason Collins when the pics of Kerry and Maxwell came out. Next month he’ll claim he is dating someone else.

  3. I have to admit that I feel some type of way about this. I love Mechad Brooks, and the thought of him messing with this queen irks me. Please tell me this isn’t true. I would have kicked it with Mechad. That’s my boo.

    This is going to hurt the Foxes, but I have been thinking about this for a while. All Wolves aren’t looking for masc. Foxes, they need something feminine in their lives, and the queens give them that. You “truly” masc. Foxes can’t provide that because it isn’t who you are. Remember opposites attract, and I’m not talking about top and bottom either. I’m talking about feminine and masc. Think about it for a second. Do you see two butch lesbians together? No. How often do you see two lipstick lesbians together? Very rare right? I remember something Jamari posted a while back where some people were talking about how they couldn’t date a 100 percent masculine man, and needed to be with a guy with a lil sugar in his tank or some shit. I wondered if a lot of my fellow Wolves thought that way? Is the possibility of two truly masculine men being together becoming extinct? As a Wolf, I’m looking for a masc. Fox, but they are a lot of Wolves who aren’t.

    1. Dude you hit the nail on the hammer. If u only knew how many times I’ve been told in to masculine or to much like a regular dude. I learned a long time ago that the reason all the queens get men is because it fills the need of a woman. A lot of men can come with the face of being with a masculine man so they go to the feminine men.

      I’m a regular dude I work out, love sports, and I’m not a fan of Beyonce ( looks behind my back) and I’m stuck because I’m to masculine??? WTF

      1. I’m frustrated at times because I’m undetectable, so no one even knows I’m into men until we exchange glances. I look too “hard.” I walked past a couple of dudes last weekend and they were looking at me and I realized I mean mugged them unintentionally lol. I was like damn lol. From the way I dress to the way I hold my face intimidates people. Some of my friends walk up to me and ask me what’s wrong? I be like why? Some days I dress like a thug. My clothes are just slightly baggy, I’m wearing timbs, and if I’m wearing a fitted the brim is almost over eyes, not to mention wearing headphones. That’s not approachable at all. You Foxes definitely wouldn’t walk up to a dude with an image like that lol.

      2. Ha I’m the same way lol. I don’t try to mean mug but I just come off like a ass hole. As for my clothes I wear the basics a plain tee, regular size jeans, and chucks. But I am a nerd so I wear a lot of Marvel related stuff. And duds get on my nerves, I mean who said all gay men act like women?

    2. Peanut is the source of this story Enuff said. He is probably the QUEEN B at that site because he is “outing ” guys.Where are the receipts where is the proof he has even met Mechad.He deleted the comment about Jason Collins after his twin Jared contacted Peanut.So he has lied before.

  4. These idiot tops always screaming for you to be rapper masculine but they really like you to have a little bit of feminine

    1. It depends on what y’all consider winning. We could have Kerry or Mehcad if we wanted them. It just happens that Hollywood is in the circles. I’m not hanging my head over that.

    1. Jamari, you did the right thing by not jumping on it. He probably is a headcase. Only if any of this is true…

  5. Wait. I know I’m late lol, but that black and white pic looks photoshopped. In fact, they both do. Like real good cropping. Maybe I’m tripping. (Shrug)

    1. man, I was saying the same thing too but looking with a careful eye its authentic. As a graphic designer, it has the right shadow and lighting so I guess he legitimately got connection or not. Man, I’m down here in Miami now where can i find a guy like Mehcad and Kerry

  6. They just happened to be in the same place at the same time. He has a knack to insert himself and fake smile while his “wingman ” snaps the pic in this instance.

    1. ITA the pics were taken on same day they are wearing the same clothes.That may be Kerry with back to camera in color pic.Show me a pic of Peanut at least facing or interacting with Mehcad.I have many pictures where I am at the same table with folks I don’t know or just met.

  7. Kerry I believe, Mechad no way. Mechad is too smart and has too much going for him to be caught out there like that unless he wants too.

    I think us gays/bi need to be careful. What message are we sending if a presumed straight guy can’t be seen with a known gay guy without his sexuality being called into question? All the pics are with multiple people unlike the one’s with Kerry which were just the two of them.

  8. I find this post incredibly disturbing. I can’t help but pray that this is false. Peanut (If you look on his instagram) is trying to re-live his days of luxury on Kerry’s dime. This is probably his attempt to associate himself with celebrity. He probably “leaked” those pics himself. Peanut does not have the talent, personality or looks to bag a guy like Mechad. Kerry will be his ONLY accomplishment in life (allegedly). He’s a joke.

    Y Colette is right. The back of Kerry’s head is in that pic at the table. Mechad is clearly speaking to Kerry. Not the troll. The only way peanut can get anywhere near an A-list (maybe B-list?) actor is through Kerry.

    Ok. I’m done. I’m mad. lol. Ya’ll know I cant stand that troll. He makes it difficult for all of us.

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