The Games The Foxhole Plays (1)


tumblr_mqgzg9nS3c1scwulzo1_r1_500so karoke,
my vixen friend,
is into comics and games.
i like that about her because she is a nerd just like me.
she sent me a comic yesterday that was is a mystery you have to solve..
i didn’t figure it out so she ended up telling me what it was.
i’m going to post it and ask…


Can you figure this out?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The Games The Foxhole Plays (1)”

  1. I hate these because I can never figure out the riddle.

    I’m going to guess the green house is his because all the others seem to have filled trash cans.

    Oh my gosh, I’m probably about to look so stupid.

    1. ^dont you dare.
      you will NOT look stupid.
      at least you tried.
      you were wrong BUT you are very close with the trash cans.
      look again.
      i gave you a major clue!

      1. Then it must be the red house in the middle because it has no trash can outside and all the other ones do.

  2. I know the trash cDNA and the word industrial has something todo with it.
    I think it’s the yellow house though…. *crosses fingers*

  3. The guy in the hat is kind of a comic relief he said 6 houses when there are clearly 3 houses with car garages. In the middle panel all the houses have fences but in the individual panels they all have shrubs. Basically the guy in the hat is dumb

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