(Break-Break Down) Steady Breakin You On Downnnnn.

there_s_beauty_in_the_breakdown__tumblr_so last night,
i talking to my straight wolf friend about life and the bullshit in mine.
i was telling him about people who hurt you but end up getting farther in life.
why does this happen?
is this god with a sense of humor?
well he told me that shit like that is just life.
some bad people go to higher places and good people are left confused.
during the convo,
he reminded me of something i taught him when he was going through it with his ex-chick.
something i call,
“put it all on the table”.
something he lives by and never forgot.
its funny how people have to remind you how good you are.
i’m passing it on to the foxhole today.
this will be fun!
come to the front of the class…

so get a piece of paper and draw a rectangle.

rectangle-clip-art-5i want you to think of someone who has hurt you/your feelings.
it could be now or someone from your past.
inside the rectangle,
i want you to write the person’s name.
i want you to write four words that describe the main negative traits of the person on each side.
think about all the personality traits they did that pissed you off or confused you.

for this example i’m going to use the ( x wolf from yesterday ).
it’s only fitting.

the four words to describe him are:

two faced

so i’ll start with the first main word.
i ask myself:

why is he “lazy”?
think long and hard.
think about his past,
how he was raised,
what you have heard,
things he has said,
or examples of him being lazy…

he is lazy because his mother does everything for him.
he is a spoiled brat whose expects people to do things for him as well.
from his friends to the vixens he has dated,
he always ends up using someone in some way.

so lets go over to him being “rude”

he’s rude because he’s also rude with his mother.
even though she bends over backwards to do everything for him,
he still throws her this attitude for no reason.
which could explain why he does it to everyone else.

…now move over to “two faced”.

when his mother doesn’t do what he wants,
he pouts and bad mouths her.
he use to talk about her like a dog to everyone.
until he got his way with her,then she was the enemy until she made shit right.

well wait….
aren’t “users” also “two faced”?
they end to be after they get what they want.
most users are also “lazy” as shit because people do everything for them.
so doesn’t all that seems “shady” as well?
now calculate it all and ask….
why did he do what he did to me?

he did everything he did to me because he tried it with me.
he is an entitled mamas boy who expects people to bend over backwards to please him.
he tried to use me like he did everyone else and that wasn’t happening.
i stood up to him and he didn’t like that.
even though i was attracted to him,
i wasn’t going to be like everyone else who bow down because he was cute.
he didn’t like that hence why he didn’t like me.

so you have broken the person down,
as well as figured out why ya’ll didn’t get along.
probably never will and that’s okay.
you aren’t meant to be liked by everyone.
so next time someone hurts you,
and you don’t “get it”,
just “put it all on the table”.
try it out and see what you come up with!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “(Break-Break Down) Steady Breakin You On Downnnnn.”

  1. challenge: if you are really feelin frisky,
    try breaking yourself down.
    for those who make the same mistakes or find yourself treating people badly.
    try it and see what you come up with.

    1. When I read straight wolf friend I remembered a post where your straight friend called you a Gay slur /the F word.Just curious did you guys reconcile? BTW I know you have many straight wolf friends it’s just that I remembered that post and me saying forgive him

    1. ^welcome!
      i forgot all about this technique.
      it helps you understand people better.
      you should never get mad again if you understand how people operate.

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