(Break-Break Down) Steady Breakin You On Downnnnn.

there_s_beauty_in_the_breakdown__tumblr_so last night,
i talking to my straight wolf friend about life and the bullshit in mine.
i was telling him about people who hurt you but end up getting farther in life.
why does this happen?
is this god with a sense of humor?
well he told me that shit like that is just life.
some bad people go to higher places and good people are left confused.
during the convo,
he reminded me of something i taught him when he was going through it with his ex-chick.
something i call,
“put it all on the table”.
something he lives by and never forgot.
its funny how people have to remind you how good you are.
i’m passing it on to the foxhole today.
this will be fun!
come to the front of the class…
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