tumblr_n2nhrdtOns1r39lglo1_500latin heat.
don benjiman.
dezmon briscoe.
al b sure’s son.
everyone welcome to dickland.
well courtesy of the owner,
i don’t know how he does it,
but he has nudes of plenty of wolves i have featured over the years.
who wants to see some peen?
this is NSFW,



so are these wolves d/l?
how is he getting their nude pics?
i know one thing…
i hope he is at least getting pipe and not doing this for reblogs.
if they happen to be d/l,
this just kilt any argument about me posting any wolf on my site.
you just don’t know with these “straight” wolves these days.

lowkey: i must be doing something wrong.
do i have to be a ratchet hot mess of a jackal to get a wolf?

i’ll sit back and enjoy the ratchetness from the balcony.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “Dickland”

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of big booties.
    You remember in the summertime(i believe) and you said there was this fox who wore sweat pants and had a juicy ass, and even str8 wolves couldn’t resist staring at that ass and that some of them even kinda follow him to get an extra look of that booty? Well there you go.

      1. The one dick I really despise because it just gave a flashback is the white dude penis from VH1. Damn now I just remember the texture of the white men penis and I don’t like it!!! Black and Afro-Spanish wolves penis taste/feel better.

  2. I was hoping it’d be the other son of Al B Sure.He got a nice tongue though.I used to get off on rumors of him and Bobby Brown’s son getting down.

      1. Thanks. I remember when you posted him. I thought he was pretty then, and I still do now. To keep it real, he can come over wearing nothing but that hoodie, you know what they say, cum as you are.

    1. I do not know if you should call it a secret, it’s quite obvious. Ass talks man. US Wolves can’t use that to lure dudes BBB. The Foxes have more power than we do in that department, but they don’t realize it.

    1. Exactly… I know what he prob did. Used a female pic and got the pics through kik. Then put his watermark of his names on the picture to act as if these niggas was really checking for another dudes ass. smh

      Some gay dudes have an obsession with turning straight men out to the point that it is sad.

      You will pay for TRADE and uplift and chase a Straight men who are broke and bummy and who says you are going to hell to burn for eternity but you will tear down another gay man because he doesnt have tatts, muscles, deep voice, car, etc.


  3. There are so many Tumblr blogs that sole purpose is to bait and trick str8 dudes especially college athletes and pretty boy attention whores from Instagram. These blogs literally fight each other for bragging rights on who can get the best nudes, and many of these blogs sell these nudes for profit and constantly let you know that they have all these famous guys nudes, but of course they never show them, only tease you, so I dont know if they are telling the truth or not. But giving this dude or female credit for these nudes because whoever they are they have rattled the competition from the other blogs who claim to have these same nudes but never show them. Whoever this is came out the gate running and I was shocked at some of these but of course I right clicked LOL.

  4. nicholas demulder does something to my soul omg he fine sheesh and russell kairouz also…but he better watch his back because this could go left real quick…if i must say something it’s antics like this that make masculine wolves HATE GAY men and become so damn paranoid where they think we’re going to expose them smh..let me get a fine ass wolve i’ll be hitting that until im done med school…mama always use to say “don’t tell all the time no one likes a tata tell” and she was so right

    1. Nicholas Demulder is friends with me on Facebook he’s fine as fuck but I believe he’s Bi. I just get vibes that he’s discreet with his Wolf ways, Latino men have these weird Homo tendencies. My Fine ass Puerto Rican barber flirts and charms me from time to time. I remember when he seen me eating candy and he smiled saying You didn’t bring me none. He stays eating my snacks when I’m in his chair. lol

      1. Man you crazy bruh LOL yeah I heard the Papis are masters of tongue usage…..Rolling them Rs all up in a nigga shit. lmao

  5. Seeing a man’s penis has never been that serious to me.

    I just want to see what woman’s pics he’s using on these dudes.

    Funny how these same dudes are so focused on the gay men commenting on their pics, but they don’t think about the suspicious women account that hits them up. Lol

    1. I agree to you, but only to a certain extent. Are these dudes suppose to expect that every girl is a dude? When they hit up these women they believe they are just that, women. The chances the woman is a fraud are not very likely, so they take a chance. Wouldn’t you? I blame the gay guys for the deceiving, and I blame the straight guys for sending pics to strangers. Who does that? The sad part is, these are the same gay men who whine about wanting to be with an athlete. Are you fucking kidding me man? These men could be sitting court side at basketball games if they conducted themselves in a more appropriate manner. That is why I said it is no way he pulled these dudes. You think if gotten with a couple of them, he’ll be enjoying the perks that come with being with an athlete, model, rapper etc.

      As I am typing this, I went to that dude’s Twitter page to find out he just exposed Paul George. SMH You know I’m upset man. Paul does not really…come off as the smartest guy, so I’m not surprised he fell for this dude’s tricks. When he asked LeBron to mentor him…I knew he wasn’t right in the head man. If I wanted him, I could easily get him to fall under my love spell…yea. I’d have him Feenin like Jodeci. I damn sure would help him out of his shooting lump he’s been under lately too. I’ll be that good luck charm lol. With his handsome ass.

      Shit…if this guy exposed like that, I’m doing what Jim did to Candice, I’m calling the Malones lol.

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