This Goes Out To All The Wolves (Throw That Boy Pussy)

012535i had a terrible day.
well until…
everyone was rude as shit today for no apparent reason.
i came home,
kicked my shoes off,
pulled all my clothes off,
and decided to relax while sipping hot chocolate.
well an f-bi sent me this video called,
and get this,
“throw that boy pussy” by fly young red.
yes you read right.
look at this.
(if you’re straight then ignore this entry)…

well you know when “ratchet jamari” does:

tumblr_mm4s60n8Xk1s49x9io1_400…you already know.
i guess the wolves,

and ratchet sides will enjoy this?
i just hope no one has any evidence of him throwing his “boy pussy”.
you know that scandal will be around the corner.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “This Goes Out To All The Wolves (Throw That Boy Pussy)”

  1. BoyPussy? That shit is disgusting. Ion care how “wet” you claim your ass gets or how “tight” it is or how much you rub your ass with your fingers like you rubbing a clit… YOU DO NOT HAVE A PUSSY.

    Why does everything have to be feminized in the gay community sometimes?

  2. Omg this is the most ratchet, but yet interesting music video I have ever seen.
    I need to address something.
    Who else think that studio smell like hot ass now?
    I hope they clean their boipussy before shaking.

  3. What is a boy pussy tho? The only people I know with pussies are females.

    Dudes talking bout “come get it while it’s wet,” nigga bye. You booty do not get wet like a real pussy.

    1. I remember there being an argument on a porn video because many gays were claiming that the bottom’s ass came from getting fucked because booty juice was leaking.Someone said the booty juice wasn’t from ejaculation/orgasm, his booty released juices to help it recover from the pulverizing it just received.Some loose bottoms out there probably think they’re ass gets wet even though it doesn’t.

      @LB4 I don’t understand why we feminize everything either.I hated watching Noah’s Arc because the characters constantly referred to each other as “girl.”We’re boys dammit.


        For real tho, these dudes have to stop thinking they are women, or anything similar. First dude that ever tells me to beat up his boy pussy is going to get the surprise of his life. He’s going to be looking behind him or wherever, and I will be putting my jeans on. I wanna dick a real man, not a wannabe female. I want a man, that’s what turns me on. If I want a female, I can and will get one.

      2. Yes, I remember all the tops saying how much they loved masculine bottoms.Nothing against fem dudes of course.

        Since most of y’all watch RHOA.I’m sure y’all saw when Ms.Lawrence got upset with the fact that a lady called him “sir.”It’s bad enough he’s a man and adds Miss at the beginning of his name.He’s helping keep up the stereotype of gay men liking to be called girl.

        *In my Katt Williams voice* I AM A BOY DAMON.

  4. I loved the beat but don’t understand the rachetness… lost for words… I agree boy pussy is gross word, I don’t want anything to do with pussy in no shape or form ctfu

  5. I read on another site its better to listen to him without the visuals.He has a song on youtube called White Giuseppe where he mentions Frank Ocean.

    1. I forget to mention he is from New Orleans like Frank.I’m not a big rap fan but I think it’s great he is not pussyfooting around about his sexuality.

  6. The song is….. Intriguing. “Boy pussy” aside……I’m kind of into it. I could do without the video though.

    Confession: I have a thing for ratchet music.

  7. I read on another blog that this song was in heavy rotation on Tyler Perry’s Ipod but I dont know how true that is LMAO. But this fuckery right here just let me know that Jesus will be back soon and very soon. Take me to the King.

  8. LOL

    Cool video.

    Never understood the shock and horror around calling the anus a boypussy. It’s kinda like how some people refer to dicks as cocks. Not that big a deal, not really important when it’s time to get to business, seriously.


    If only some of our favorite rappers and singers (90’s especially) would release their b-sides and ditties…in another life perhaps.

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