I Threw Up, Pooped My Pants, and Now I’m Straight Again (Yay!)

Undercover Doctorstep right up!
step right up!
hurry hurry hurry!
no buddy.
not you!
this is only for the unhappy gays.
that’s right.
the homosexuallllllssss.
for a limited time now,
this “whozawhazitortheotha” will cure you of your gayness.
you heard me.
it will wipe the gay right out of you.
just wipe your mental hard drive clean!
an f-bi directed me to this daily mail article and well…

Dr Christian Jessen, the British TV doctor who presents Embarrassing Bodies, tonight goes undercover in an alarming documentary, testing various therapies which claim to ‘rid’ people of homosexuality.

In the Channel 4 documentary, Undercover Doctor: Cure Me I’m Gay, openly gay Dr Jessen explores the various controversial methods being deployed in the UK and US to ‘cure’ gay patients.

These include ‘aversion therapy’ in UK and ‘gay rehab’ in the US.

We see Dr Jessen given bottle of ipecac syrup to drink, to make him vomit for hours while looking at pictures of naked men and listening to tapes telling him he is ‘worthless,’ that being gay was evil and that he should want to have sex with women.

This ‘shock therapy’ used to be deployed by doctors for treating homosexuality, ‘since probably the 1920s, 30, 40s and going on well into the 1970s and 80s,’ Dr Jessen tells Mail Online.

Patients were given injections every two hours which would make them vomit and have diarrhea.

The theory was that, afterwards, seeing images of naked men or having homosexual thoughts, would cause a physical reaction.

No patients claimed to be cured by this method.

‘I can’t believe that people like me – a doctor – would actually prescribe this to people like me – gay,’ Dr Jessen told This Morning.

The documentary then shows Dr Jessen visit the southern states of America, known as the Bible Belt.

Some in these deeply religious areas believe that being gay is a state of mind – one that can be treated.

‘The most shocking thing, was that these religious leaders do not believe we were born gay, but that  it’s a condition caused by childhood trauma,’ says Dr Jessen in the documentary.

He visited Jerry Mungadze, an ex-church pastor, who claims to be a doctor. However, as Dr Jessen found out, Mungadze has no medical qualifications beyond a minor degree in psychology.

His ‘right brain therapy,’ which costs $250, claims to spot how gay the patient actually is, and why, by getting them to colour in a drawing of a brain.

For $3,000 a month, Smid’s three-month Love In Action programme would ‘take the patient away from anything he deemed gay,’ such as clothes and music.

Smid then talks Dr Jessen through ‘gay rehab’, as if he were still conducting the course, rifling through his suitcase and discarding anything that might ’cause us to feel sensual or sexual.’

Sorting through Dr Jessen’s CDs, Smid claims that music ‘rises up the senses,’ so he should only listen to ‘Christian music.’

Smid says his Mozart CD would be identified as ‘not Christian,’ and his Adele CD would be seen as equally inappropriate, as the singer is popular within the gay community.

Smid himself now admits: ‘I’ve never met a man who experienced a change from homosexual to heterosexual.’

Dr Jessen says that he hopes the documentary raises awareness and helps the gay community feel more assured.

‘I hope young, vulnerable people who perhaps may have considered these therapies will watch the program and realize it’s all nonsense and they have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of,’ he says.

you know what time it is.
you should already know

tumblr_mm4s60n8Xk1s49x9io1_400i have no words but…

Who is willing to try these various therapies to be straight again?

make sure you come back to the foxhole for question/answer time if it works.

lowkey: vomiting and diarrhea if you even see a nice pipe?
hot damn!
there goes my tumblr timeline.
 on the lighter news:
everyone will want to know your secret for your amazing weight loss!
who knew it would be because you are “straight” again?

article taken: daily mail

8 thoughts on “I Threw Up, Pooped My Pants, and Now I’m Straight Again (Yay!)

  1. i would love to be straight. I would try them if there was actual proof they worked. the gay thing is kinda wack to me now…the gays are fickle silly idk I’m just over it at this point in my life.

  2. smh I swear RELIGION has made people idiotic and most of this stems from westernized cultures and their obsession with leviticus 18:22, however they fail to mention the other 75 things forbidden, including cutting your beard, a woman coming back to church quickly after giving birth, wearing clothes woven out of two or more fabrics…like the list is SOO funny and unbelievable it;s like it’s sad how ignorant people are and it’s like it’s not that deep we only make up the minority, however we cant even count the countless men who claim they’re no longer gay because of the holy spirit *coughs Donnie Mcclurkin” and they’re obviously gay. GOD loves us and he’s not going to turn his back solely because of what you’re attracted to. and honestly i dont want to be straight because their world isn’t no better either, especially when it comes to dating

  3. Cured? To be cured means I’m sick, I’m not sick at all. I feel fine. My last doctors check up went great, and all my test came back great. LOL.

    I don’t want to stop loving men, and I’m not sorry for that.

  4. They’re treating it like it’s a habit/hobby that we can get rid of.Our brains aren’t that easy to rewire.

  5. Perfect gif for a ridiculous theory. I honestly can’t see how people think these foolish methods would work. You can suppress being gay, but you will still remain a gay individual.

  6. Vomiting and diarrhea if you see someone naked? Didn’t some shit like that happen on American Horror Story Asylum?

    hell no. I like my prostate being bumped too much.

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