Letter To My Husband

iwantuwell hello there stranger.
i haven’t seen you in a while…
something told me leave my office when i did.
my spirit wanted me to turn back and get my glasses,
even though i was going to leave them until tomorrow.
i wouldn’t have seen you.
all 6’0,
caramel complected,
wavy haired,
average body,
juicy lipped of you.
in your work clothes.
coming off of a long hard day as myself.

listen i’ve had a crush on you since first i saw you.
that summer’s day,
about 2 years ago,
when i walked past as you were moving into my building.
we locked eyes and i knew you were the one.
i felt something.
it could have been a rush of blood to the…
well you get the idea.
i’m sure i did the same for you.
you looked nervous,
but intrigued.
every time i saw you after that,
you would always stare at me.
a stare i know very well…
i make you nervous.
you make me nervous as well.
its not that i have an attitude or that i don’t like you.
i’m sure you think so.
you make me scared of what i’m feeling.
you intimidate me.
i don’t know if i like that so i put my self defense up.

i was so happy to see you this evening.
it was such a surprise from the universe.
i haven’t seen you since you moved out,
but i know you come to see your grandmother randomly.
i tried to say hello to your grandmother on the elevator.
she never responded.
she looks mean AF.
i see why you left.
so i often hoped i would bump into you somewhere.
ive envisioned it in my head plenty of times.
who knew it would be today?
we often seem to see each other more when it starts getting warm.
we didn’t speak today,
but i wanted too.
i was nervous tho.
you make me nervous.
i did enjoy your breath on my neck as we pushed into the train.
my heart fluttered when i stopped pretending to use my phone,
only to catch you mid staring at me.
that same stare of hunger.
wanting to devour me whole.
i want you.
i’ve always wanted you.
i just don’t know when we will have our moment.
the one where we finally get a chance to talk,
we exchanged numbers,
and see what happens next.

if god pushed me to this job,
one when i felt i would never work again,
will he push me to you?
to one where i thought i’d never love again?
lets hope our spirits are on the same wave length to find out.

thinking of you again,
my great wolf,

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Letter To My Husband”

  1. This is some good shit Jamari! You should really consider professional writing in some capacity. You have a knack for writing and should consider it.

  2. Missed Connections M4M. Lol

    This was hot though…no lie, I hope u both decide to let your guards down and consummate.

    1. ^we have spoken,
      but it was very fast and didn’t lead to much.
      he did hold the elevator for me tho and stepped to the side for me to go in when he lived in my building lol

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