MEAT: (576)




on that note: nite!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “MEAT: (576)”

  1. Over it, the face it not a 2. He’s an attractive man. It’s at least a 7. I notice the unusual eyebrows but what the heck. What standards are you going by? SMDH

  2. Alright, I am not being offensive, but I have to intervene in this foolishness man. I am shaking my head at both of you. I thought the typical dude was a 5, that is average. Typical is normal and is what you usually see, which in other words is average.

    His eyebrows are that way because of the wave cap on his head. Have you ever been around men Dean? Seriously. I have to ask.

    I’ll knock this dude down, with his chocolate ass self.

    1. No complaints over here. Brown skin with muscles is automatically an A+. The Man maybe you and him can take turns on me. lol

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