Ray Edwards Would Look Good Beatin Ya Stuff Up

-3baller wolf ray edwards is currently on the free agent list.
i guess he is taking this free time to box and model.
well check out these new shots i was sent by an f-bi.
oh and a surprise…

pkDqivery nice ray!
now all we need is the frontal

photos: carlos jones online

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Ray Edwards Would Look Good Beatin Ya Stuff Up

  1. Damn he’s fine, and look at that fat ass. He can come play on my team. I have a contract for him to sign. It offers a lifetime supply of daily pipe with 20 years guaranteed.

    *prints out contract* Sign here Ray X_________________________

  2. I am going to start my own agency that would allow them to come work for me and hopefully I can afford to pay them top $$$$$$$$$! He can play on my time anyway all day. I am going to be the QB and Ray the center and then we can flip it !

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