Rise Of The Foxtails: Wolf Edition (10)

I”m seriously a Fox who likes a Wolf to have some fat cakes.
Like Justin Slayer, or even J Strokes.
It is lovely site to behold when the front and back is packing.
A Wolf stepped up to the plate and sent this in earlier…


don’t you wolves hate when you see another wolf with a fat tail…
he ain’t about that poke life…
…and it all for us Foxes?

34 thoughts on “Rise Of The Foxtails: Wolf Edition (10)

      1. Youd be correct. People dont believe I just dont take pics. My only pics on facebooks are candids friends took w/o me knowing and pics of me wasted in a club or hotel room. Lol

    1. I initially thought this was you, Jay, though I imagine your azz is phatter lol

  1. Thanks fellas’. And yea, I’m 5″9 (5″10 with the right shoes lol) A little shorter than most niggas, but the dick game makes up for it

      1. That’s just a matter of strength, Jamari…height has nothing to do with it lol

        Of course, I’m about 6’1 so…and can shoot big bullets 😉

    1. You’re a handsome dude, Que – I would have to holla…and sample some of those tasty cakes 😉

  2. He’s nice; looks like a nice body overall, nice cakes, and skin tone. I would be testing the limits of his “poke life” though, at least trying to slide a finger in there…cuz I’m a wolf 🙂

    1. -Comes forth

      Yes fellas, the backside belongs to me. I submitted this to Jamari. But I really wanna see YngBlkWolf’s tail. Is there really a picture of it? If so, I’d love to see.

      1. Damn Que you look good boy. I might just have to start lusting after you. Go to the calendar to April 28, and you will find Wolfie’s pic under Rise Of The Wolf Peen: W.W.E (Wolf Weekend Edition 6)

  3. Well I would make him about that poke life. I’m going in and I’m not coimg back out until I’m done.

      1. I have no ass wolfie, so shut up. That’s why I’m gonna get your cakes. You wait.

      2. If you have no azz, I’m not interested…they would be no opportunity to even try for my cakes lolol

      3. I have some ass but not much.lol I don’t even know why you were interested anyway. You’re not getting them. I have a better chance of getting yours cause you take pics from the side. Hybrids do that.

      4. Yadda yadda yadda…haters gonna hate

        Just cause I’m comfortable enough in my wolfishness to show my cakes…

      5. Whatever. Nobody aint hating on your cakes. Oh and by the way, I got off to your pic the other night.LOL.

    1. It definitely is, but I was not implying that it was mine, I’ll let him self-identify, in case he prefers.

  4. I recognize who it is. It’s one of the wolves on here. The profile is very nice.

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