So Let Me Tell You About My Day…

tumblr_n6qgmrfx8j1sujpzlo1_500she was cute.
snow bunny.
she wanted to know all about my work background.
i told her enthusiastically everything about me.
she liked everything she saw on paper.
i just didn’t really feel the “connection” with her.
bad enough the receptionist was dry as well.
she told me she wanted her colleagues to meet me after.
i waited for 10 minutes and she comes back…
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Tales From The Once Homophobic Wolf Who Would Have Killed Me Too

tumblr_inline_mp0inpPFbu1qz4rgpcoming from a lady gaga fan?
i laugh.
secretly the ones every gay wants to conquer a straight wolf.
you can act like you don’t.
“no i don’t even look at them.”
“why do gays look at them?”
blah blah muhfuck blah.
when you see that fine straight wolf on the train,
your class,
or even at work and he makes you feel something deep inside…
the answer already lies in the blood.
many of these straight wolves are very homophobic.
it could come from many issues.
as much as they try to avoid the queens out there,
they can’t avoid “my homeboy i trust with my life who happens to be dl”.
there are many masculine wolves out there who like dick.
once they find out their brother or best friend is gay,
they may change their tune.
so last night i was texting a straight friend from an old job…

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You Burned Bridges and Didn’t Realize You Had To Turn Around

burning-bridgesburning bridges is a big no no.
“the feet you step on today maybe the ass you kiss tomorrow.”
one of my favorites.
its one thing to burn a bridge with that idiot wolf with the good dick.
he is an idiot,
but you only keep him around because the sex is satisfying.
well there are plenty of idiot wolves with good dick everywhere so bye.
you may fall in and out of friendships/people in life,
but i always say end it with your hands clean.
all that clappin’ back is not needed.
your reputation is one thing that is hard to ( x clean up once tarnished ).
so you don’t want be the one who always burns bridges around you.
maintaining and keeping networks is the key to being successful in life.
who you know is truly what you know.
a brain and talent can only get you so far,
but a person who believes in you can actually make you a star.
there is definitely levels to this shit.
my old job made me think i burned a bridge with a good friend….
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Sometimes The “Asshole” Needs To Go In The Closet Until Necessary

i got an email tonight that rocked my entire world.

before i get into the email,
i want people to understand that i knew no knowledge of this beforehand.
this really just came out of nowhere.

let’s get into it…

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One Man’s Trash Can Make The Whole Block Smell Good

you know sally had a saying when life makes you deal with mean and hateful people think of them as sand paper. they may scratch you they may rub you in the wrong way, but eventually you will polished and smooth and the sandpaper… well, it will be worn and ugly. (Beyonce, The Fighting Temptations)

It hurts when you are treated like trash, don’t it?

Have you ever done good for someone (or people),
and it goes UN-acknowledged and UN-appropriated?
That seems to have been my experiences of “When Proving Myself Goes Wrong“…
But, you learn to not over-extend yourself to people who you know won’t give a fuck.
That is what happened when I went back to my old job Friday….
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